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Why Is ‘Labor Of Love’ Star Kristy Katzmann Looking For Love On TV Again?

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After not finding love the first time, some might wonder why a TV personality such as Kristy Katzmann would try again.

As most know, Kristy Katzmann is no stranger to the search for love on reality TV. Fans watched her during Season 11 of The Bachelor with Brad Womack.

So, why is she giving it another try?

Turns out, she is looking for more than just love. She wants children. A man to love her and to give her kids. She is ready to be a mother.

Hosted by Kristen Davis, Labor Of Love is her journey to find someone to start a family with. Out of 15 men one will be her husband. And, she wants kids immediately.

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Why Is This Different For Kristina Katzmann?

Kristy Katzmann said The Bachelor, “was a very different experience and a different point in my life. Honestly, I really never thought I would do reality TV again.” She went on to say the show came at the perfect time for her.

Kristy said a friend of hers she trusts sent her the casting call according to E News. She said that person said it sounded like her. Katzmann said, “it really did. And it’s where I was at in my life. I had just turned 40. I had just gotten out of a relationship.”

Kristina Had Been Exploring Motherhood Options

Kristy Katzmann said she was trying to date. It was hard, because she knew the clock was ticking on having a family. She said the opportunity was too good to pass up.

She said she thought about motherhood everyday as something she really wanted. Katzmann said, “I kept holding out hope that I would meet the right person to have that experience with. It really seemed like when this happened it was a stars aligned kind of moment, because it felt like my last opportunity.”

She felt it would be her last chance before pursuing having a child on her own.

Katzmann Will Use Her Past Reality TV Experience

She talked a bit about how she would use her Bachelor experience to help guide her with this one, because there are some things she’d change. Kristy said, “the only thing I regretted was just not being more present. I took that going into Labor of Love and I really told myself that I knew how I wanted things to go.”

She said she planned to stay open throughout and she feels confident with the journey. Kristy understands people may be skeptical but she hopes they’ll give it a chance, because she believes in the show. She said, “I just really hope that people keep an open mind about the show and don’t make assumptions.”

Katzmann went on to say there are lots of different messages and she thinks the show with resonate with lots of people. She thinks it’s a nod to modern female empowerment. Kristy said, “I’m a big proponent of getting out there and going after your dreams and just finding new opportunities.” That’s what she wants people to take away watching her. From the previews, Kristy isn’t going to be afraid to speak her mind.

Labor of Love airs Thursdays on Fox.

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