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‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Assures Fans His Injury’s Fine, Got More Treatment Done

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Bachelor fans saw Peter Weber tell his contestants that his head injury happened when a puma jumped out on the path. Well, he just joked around. And, then told them real story abut a golf cart and a glass. Filming never stopped despite his stitches. Nobody really made much of it, but fans noticed him wearing a bandage recently. Now, Peter assured fans that he’s fine and got some treatment done on the scar.

Bachelor star Peter walked into a golf cart and ended up with stitches, but filming carried on

ABC showed the scene where Peter walked out and met the contestants in Costa Rica. Suitably awe-struck, he got their attention by telling them he trekked up the volcano and found a puma. He tried telling them he fought it off but failed with keeping a straight face. So, he confessed the real story involved walking into a golf cart at the hotel. Carrying a glass, it smashed his head and he needed a lot of stitches. Actually, a lot of fans thought he looked rather dashing with the scar on his head.

Mind you, that story earned him the title of “the clumsiest Bachelor” who “takes the cake.”  Bachelor Nation aired a video on YouTube where an anonymous source told them that. He said that Peter tripped and fell a lot, so “it’s not a big surprise that this tragedy took place.” Maybe that’s why the crew just carried on filming? TV Shows Ace reported that “filming didn’t miss a beat despite his severe injury.”

Peter assures fans his injury is not getting worse

People reported that Peter updated his fans about his scar. It came when fans noticed a big bandage on his head. He said that he appreciated all the concern from his fans. He said that he’s totally “fine.” He also pointed out there’s no new scar involved. In fact, it’s the “original scar.” Then, he told them that he went for some “microneedling.” That’s why it “looks swollen and bruised.” He added, “it’s good.”

Peter and Kelley Flanagan hang out together these days. They seem in a good place together with or without a scar. In fact, both Kelleys’ mom and Peter’s like the couple together. So, it looks like finally, the Bachelor star made a decision on who he wants as a life partner. But, perhaps she better brace for more visits to the ER as he certainly seems rather clumsy.

What do you think about the news that Peter got some micro-needling done on his scar? It probably helps make it less noticeable, but some fans rather liked it. Sound off in the comments below.

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