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’90 Day Fiance’: Usman (Sojaboy) Apologizes For Lisa Using The N-Word With Him

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90 Day Fiance fans grew very angry with Lisa Hamme after she used the N-Word on Usman (Sojaboy). The leaked Tell-All got fans worked up and in a frenzy. In fact, they took a lot of their hate to Usman. There, they slammed him for “allowing” her to disrespect him. While Lisa won’t talk about it, he now apologized. It seems a strange situation where the victim apologizes for the abuser.

90 Day Fiance fans furious with Lisa for disrespecting Usman, equally furious he accepts it

TV Shows Ace reported about the leaked footage from the Tell-All. Lisa disrespected Shaun Robinson and shouted down Usman. Shaun asked about Lisa using the N-Word with Usman. In-between all the yelling and swearing, Usman managed to say something. He said, “I can’t call you any name. Lisa, last week you called me ni—er. Which I know is totally inappropriate in America, because I am used to how you are behaving.”

As we noted, fans felt that he “debased himself” by accepting the use of the insult. Droves of 90 Day Fiance critics slammed him. Some comments seemed very harsh. One person said, “Kings don’t lay in the gutter with trash. You’re a slave. You let that white woman call you a N. I’ve lost all respect for you.” But now, in a curious twist, Sojayboy apologized to his fans. Interestingly, not for continuing a relationship with Lisa who allegedly uses the abusive word, but rather on behalf of her.

Sojaboy’s apology to fans for Lisa and the N-Word

On Thursday, Sojaboy took to his Instagram and apologized. He wrote, “Hello Everyone my name is Usman a.k.a SOJABOY from 90Days Fiance.” He added that many “DMs from fans and friends” make him concerned after “the name I was call from LISA (the N word).” Then he apologized, saying, “I wana say Sorry to all African Americans … and to all my fans that feel bad and disgrace about that. He then said that “things are going to be better.”

So, strangely, he seems to feel bad because Lisa called him a nasty word. Notably, the 90 Day Fiance star never mentioned that he apologized for tolerating debasement and racism from his partner. And, a follower raised the subject once again. They said, “How could you stay and defend a woman who has no respect for you and your race.” Well, possibly he got used to that sort of thing and formed a “trauma bond” with Lisa.

Is Lisa abusive with Sojaboy?

Interestingly, people who get abused by a partner sometimes apologize for them. Psychology Today mentions that in some circumstances, victims “offer excuses to themselves, friends, and family to explain away or minimize the toxic partner’s violating behaviors.” It’s known as the “trauma bond.” While many critics think Lisa’s just a toxic person, could Sojaboy actually be in an abusive relationship?

Fans are not experts and can’t say for sure that Lisa’s actually abusive. After all, maybe she needs to watch her language or just wash her mouth out. But in April, we reported that there’s a couples therapist, highly qualified, who hosts a vlog on YouTube. Recently, Antioch University of Seattle’s Dr. Kirk Honda started discussing 90 Day Fiance couples. He discussed the scene where Lisa told Usman, “Baby Love when I come, I’m not gonna have a hundred people surrounding us all day long.” She told him straight that she wouldn’t tolerate friends “hanging around.” One of her demands included Usman being by her side “24 hours” a day.

The therapist seemed concerned about Lisa’s attitude

Talking about Lisa’s attitude, Dr. Kirk said that “separating” a person from their “support system” is a “classic abusive” tactic. As Psychology Today noted, sometimes abused people in a relationship apologize for their abuser. Or, they make light of the abuse to their family and friends. So if you think it’s odd that Usman apologized because Lisa uses the N-Word on him, maybe there’s an underlying reason for it.

What do you think about Usman apologizing for Lisa using the N-Word? After all, perhaps Lisa should be the one apologizing, some fans think. Sound off in the comments below.

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