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’90 Day Fiance’: Rose Accused Ed Of Lying, But He Told Her He’s Old Enough To Be Her Dad

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90 Day Fiance star, Big Ed gets a lot of hate from trollers and haters. In fact, some of their comments seem over the top. The hating became a lot worse after the episode that showed Rose angry that he lied to her. Plus, she raged about him introducing her to hygiene products and requiring an STD test. But he never lied about his age, he maintains. In fact, he told her long before they met that he’s old enough to be her dad.

90 Day Fiance critics troll on Ed, hate the age gap and other things

TV Shows Ace reported that hate from trollers reached exponential heights after they saw him request an STD test. He also gave Rose some hygiene products. But she grew angry as she felt he lied about his height. Plus, she always wanted more children. Bear in mind, Rose is 23, while Ed’s 54 years old. She already had a child, Prince. But, the single mom hoped for more kids. Bitterly disappointed when he talked about a vasectomy, she lost it with him.

Fans hate that Big Ed’s so much older than Rose. but Ed told The Night Time Show podcast, on May 9, that he told Rose long before they met that he’s “old enough to be her father.” We already mentioned in our previous report that some fans wonder why Rose never broke off the relationship when he flew into the Philippines. She could have just walked away. But, for some reason, she elected to continue the relationship. So, some 90 Day Fiance fans wonder about her outrage all of a sudden. Whatever her motives, it seems that Ed at least, never hid his age from her.

Ed told Rose his real age from the beginning, he says

According to Big Ed on the podcast, he said that when he told her he’s “old enough to be [her] father,” she took it well. He alleges that she replied, “Well you’re actually one year older than my dad.'” So, he agreed maybe they should just remain “friends.” But she pushed for continuing the relationship. Ed said, “she’s like ‘No, age is just a number.” In fact, he said he won’t ever “forget that,” and it seemed rather mature of Rose.

So, the 90 Day Fiance couple continued their relationship. Big Ed also noted that he never “thought of Rose as a young girl.” In fact, she became more of a “single mother” who could use his help. The fact that Rose obviously led him to believe she fell in love with him, seems glossed over by critics who hate his short stature and no neck appearance.

The saying goes that it “takes two to tango.” Do you think that in some ways, Rose possibly willing contributed to what became such a hot mess? Sound off in the comments below.

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