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‘Teen Mom 2’s’ Kailyn Lowry Finds Homeschooling A Challenge While Pregnant

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All moms out there know her pain, as Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry reveals her struggle with homeschooling.  Moms can relate as she says she has to homeschool three children during the COVID-19 pandemic while expecting a fourth.

Teen Mom 2 star struggling with homeschooling

An Instagram post from Tuesday, May 5, relates to Kailyn’s children’s homeschooling. Kailyn writes their homeschool schedule is a lot different from what she thought it would be.  She says some days they all get up on time and immediately start school. On other days, they play outside for a while first, starting school a little later.

Kailyn writes that, truthfully, maintaining a regular schooling schedule is so hard during this season. She says they all really miss their teachers. Many fans believe Kailyn deserves a medal. She is singlehandedly teaching Isaac, 10, Lincoln, 6, and Lux 2, while baby number four is on the way.

Lowry is now in her third trimester and she admits she has been extra tired lately, so she is giving herself a ‘little grace.’ Kailyn says they are getting things done and in the meantime, the boys are “enjoying making memories.”

Kailyn recovers from a scary tumble

As reported by In Touch Weekly, to make life even harder, Kailyn had a scary accident on April 13. She accidentally fell down the stairs outside her home. Fortunately, her baby wasn’t harmed but Lowry had sprained her ankle.

Luckily, she had help from her two baby daddies during that time. She wrote on Instagram that her ex Javi Marroquin, took the boys while she recovered. Her two-year-old son Lux helped keep his mom comfortable while she recovered.

Teen Mom 2 star’s fourth pregnancy

While emotionally, Kailyn’s fourth pregnancy isn’t her easiest, she does say she is thrilled to welcome another son into the family. She announced the good news back in February and her due date is in July. Chris Lopez is the father of Lux and baby number four, and the couple is dating on and off.

Kailyn Lowry posted again to Instagram on Thursday to say physically, she is going through a “really easy pregnancy.” However, emotionally this pregnancy has been her toughest yet.

She wrote that her pregnancy is coming up on 29 weeks, saying she is thankful to be in their third trimester. Lowry admitted baby number four still doesn’t have a name, but adding “this is the chaos, it’s how we do things.”

One thing that is worrying Kailyn is that the baby is currently breech. The reality star is hoping he will decide to turn soon, as she reckons they are running out of room. The baby is moving a lot more and likes to keep Kailyn up at night. She says it is also getting harder to hold little Lux, but she is managing.

Lowry writes they have all been kept busy at home. She has been planning and decorating number four’s nursery and can’t wait to reveal the “finished product.” Obviously still worried, she ends her message by asking her followers if they think the baby will turn in time or be breech when he is born.

We wish Kailyn and her family everything of the best during these difficult times as she heads towards baby No. 4’s due date.

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