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What Does ‘OutDaughtered’ Quint Riley Busby Dream About?

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OutDaughtered quint Riley Busby recently gave her father Adam a look inside of her head. Just what does she dream about? Keep reading to find out.

OutDaughtered dad, Adam moved his studio into the garage. And, Miss Riley, the brightest of the quints decided it’s a great place for her “office” as well. The little girl’s reportedly struggling a bit with the new normal during the COVID-19 social-distancing and misses the challenges of school. Interestingly, she drew a picture of an airplane and told her dad that she dreamed about it. Does that tie into her aspirations and hopes for the future?

OutDaughtered – Riley misses her old normal, Danielle said

Fans of the show know that Riley’s very bright. In fact, she tested so well for Pre-K that she jumped straight into kindergarten with older kids. On her first day at school, she settled in quickly. Plus, she took to it very well and held her own. She seemed very happy with the acceptance by the other kids and made new friends. In a clip shown by TLC, she said that she felt older than her siblings, and more like her big sister, “Blayke.”

But, once into it, she then struggled with the self-quarantining and the new normal of missing school. Danielle posted about it on her Instagram. TV Shows Ace reported that Danielle noted she struggled with her new normal and really missed the “challenges of school.”

Fans noted that most kids struggle with routine changes. But, the bright young OutDaughtered star seemed very down about it. It’s obvious that this particularly clever child misses the learning environment where she prefers reading books to hanging with her sisters all the time.

Riley draws her dream in Adam’s home-studio

On his Instagram Stories this Tuesday night, Adam shared about Riley. He said that he tries working in his recording studio in the garage these days. But, a certain little Miss Riley decided it’s a great place to take over as “her own office.” Scrambling up onto a high stool, Riley grabbed a pad and a pen and drew an airplane. Adam asked her why she drew that particular picture. Riley replied, saying she “dreamed” about one.

The Steven Aitchenson website noted under Psychology, that there’s good reasons for writing down dreams. They suggested that “Doing it…[makes] you more present, more aware, and connected with your true self.” Meanwhile, dream interpretations’s becoming more acceptable these days. In fact, Good Therapy Org noted, “Dream analysis is a therapeutic technique best known for its use in psychoanalysis.”

So, it looks like the OutDaughtered quint is onto something good.

OutDaughtered Riley draws her dream
Adam Busby | Instagram Stories

What do airplanes represent in dream analysis?

Several websites about the meanings of various dreams write about airplanes. While some stress it’s a spiritual sort of thing related to growth, Dream Moods noted something more specific. They talk about how it “may…represent your need to get away and escape from your daily life.” That applies if the “plane never took off.” And, Riley’s plane seemed stationary. Maybe it’s her way of expressing her frustration at still being cooped up in the OutDaughtered new normal at home.

What do you think about Riley drawing her dreams and telling her dad about it? Do you think the OutDaughtered quint may still feel very frustrated about missing the challenges of school? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about Riley and the rest of the Busby family from TLC’s OutDaughtered.

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