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‘OutDaughtered’: Quint Riley Finds Social-Distancing Hard To Cope With

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OutDaughtered get lots of daily updates from Adam and Danielle Busby during social-distancing. Danielle shared ideas on what they do to keep the kids occupied, and Adam says he’s filming content during this coronavirus shutdown to upload to YouTube. So, plenty of content comes fans’ way. But it looks like the quint, Riley finds social-distancing heavy going.

OutDaughtered – Riley’s used to a bit more independence than her siblings

On Monday, Danielle Busby took to her Instagram and shared a nice photo of her with Riley. She looked to be holding her in a comforting way. Danielle captioned her post with, “This little nugget, Riley Paige, I think is having the hardest time during this #StayHome life we are living currently.” Then Danielle explained why. She noted that Riley’s “been so used to her own days at school in her own classroom.” But now the little girl’s “back to “weekend reality” 7 days a week.” Finally, Danielle said to her bright little girl, “Hang in there my love, we all on the same bus,”

OutDaughtered fans know that Riley’s super-smart and jumped ahead of the other quints in school. She goes to school for much longer hours, and more often than Hazel, Ava, Olivia, and Parker. So, she’s become more independent than her sisters. These days, she possibly relates a bit more to her older sister, Blayke. While weekends might be fun, possibly this clever bright-spark also misses the challenges of the classroom right now.

The Busbys keep the girls entertained, so Riley’s not too bored

Plenty of fans reacted to Danielle’s update during this shutdown. One fan said, “Yeah kids are more stressed when the routine is broken. Their safety net.” Another one felt sorry for little Riley and they wrote, “aww Riri, she has the face of an angel!! I feel ya little one, you can conquer all things.” Then, one person noted, “Aww I hope she adjusts soon!💕” But quite a lot of fans felt that the Bubsy family’s super lucky that they live in Texas. At least there, they enjoy warm weather.

Fans in colder places without big yards feel that social-distancing puts a bigger strain on them and their kids. Many of them commented on how cold and miserable it is in some parts of the USA. And, several other OutDaughtered fans commented that the Busbys also have an added advantage to keep the kids active and amused. They live in a home with a big swimming pool, and a yard full of things like swings and climbing gyms. Actually, between Danielle and Adam, they often share fun things going down at the pool during social-distancing.

Fans love Riley – don’t diss on her

Those fans who pointed out the advantages of the Busby’s during social-distancing didn’t really diss on Riley or her mom. They just stated facts and not everyone’s lucky enough to live in Texas temperatures. Fans love the family, and most especially, little Riley. As one OutDaughtered fan pointed out, “Hi Riley! Praying for you sweet girl! It’s not easy going from a routine that was yours to a different kind of normal. Just keep smiling kiddo!”

How are your kids coping with social-distancing? Do they miss their school routines? Is the idea of a “holiday” growing stale? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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