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‘The Bachelorette’ Fans Unhappy & Want Clare Crawley’s Lead Recast

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The Bachelorette fans are not happy with the idea of Clare Crawley for the next show. And, they aren’t shy about expressing this.

Why do fans feel this way exactly? Well, the frustration came after she slammed Matt James for doing cameos. Actually, in a way, even Rob Mills, the ABC exec shaded her in a way. He actually referred to that tweet. But, after more Twitter comments, it looks like Clare Crawley loses even more people among the Bachelor Nation fans. Many more of them now hope for a replacement lead.

The Bachelorette Clare Crawley tweet sparks Chris Harrison rumors

TV Shows Ace reported this week, that rumors went around that Chris Harrison got axed from the show. Actually, Rob Mills, an exec from the ABC network sparked those rumors. However, indirectly, it came as a result of a tweet by Clare Crawley. In that tweet, Claire hit at Matt James for making cameos. She said that people who make cameos before featuring in her season do it “for the wrong reasons.” Plus, she added the hashtag “#dontwasteyourtime.” 

Rob Mills, joked about it. And, taking the perspective that nobody on Clare’s The Bachelorette season should make cameos or give interviews, he teased about Chris Harrison. He wrote, “Chris… got removed from the upcoming season.” Obviously, Chris gives interviews and carries on as normal with cameos. In a way, Rob Mills shaded Clare with that tweet. At the time, we noted that plenty of fans wanted her gone from the show. In fact, one fan tweeted that they feel “over” Clare “already.”

More fans want Clare Crawley replaced or even for cancellation of her season

As Cheatsheet pointed out, every season, not all fans agree on the choice for the various Bachelor shows. But, Clare repeatedly appeared in the franchise since forever. Therefore, fans feel she already had many opportunities. Bear in mind she featured in “Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor.” Plus, she joined the “first two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise.” Then, fans saw her in The Bachelor Winter Games.” Actually, many people feel she’s old news and comparatively old in age.

Recently, another tweet by Clare worked people up, as well. The Bachelorette star posted on Twitter again on April 25. She wrote, “Respect the opportunity you’ve been given. Respect the rules. Respect me.” Well, many fans of the show believe people should earn respect and not demand it.

Her outburst received many criticisms. And notably, it seems many more people want her gone. One follower wrote, “Well, now I have to pass on watching this season. Can we skip it and go straight to @BachelorABC with Matt James??”

Many similar requests came from fans disgruntled by The Bachelorette lead, Clare Crawley. What do you think about those fans hoping ABC cancels Clare? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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