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‘General Hospital’ Fans Notice Chemistry Between Molly Lansing & Brando Corbin

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General Hospital fans know TJ Ashford is safe and well and has been reunited with Molly Lansing. However, while TJ is in the dark about it, fans know Molly has slept with Brando Corbin. Viewers are pretty sure things will not be good between Molly and TJ. In fact, many fans believe the duo isn’t good together and are rooting for Brando instead.

Molly, TJ and Brando – a love triangle?

TJ and Molly have been a couple on General Hospital for a number of years now. It started as a close friendship and turned into teenage love. So far, this relationship has survived into adulthood. They have been pretty good together, except for the odd adult interfering in their relationship. In fact, the couple has rarely been apart.

As per Cheat Sheet, the role of Molly has been played by Haley Pullos since 2009. However, while the romance continued, TJ has changed face a number of times. The first actor to play the role was Christopher Meyer. From 2012 to 2018, TJ was portrayed by Tequan Richmond.

No spark between Molly and the current TJ

As fans know, TJ was kidnapped by Cyrus Renault’s goons, as he has a major vendetta against a number of people in Port Charles. This includes, among others, Jordan Ashford, TJ’s mother. As Molly had declined TJ’s proposal of marriage, she assumed TJ was ghosting her. Jordan blamed Molly for TJ’s disappearance, but she only did this to protect her from Cyrus.

While she believes TJ doesn’t want to be with her, she meets Brando Corbin and ends up enjoying a one-night stand with him. Later, she and Brando slept together. However, when Molly discovers TJ is in hospital and has come round, she apologizes to him for believing he didn’t want to be with her.

TJ respects Molly Lansing’s views

TJ Ashford respects Molly’s views on marriage and the duo decides to enter a domestic partnership without the benefit of a ring.  But, General Hospital fans initially weren’t happy at the fact Molly cheated with Brando. However, this all changed when they noted the clear chemistry between Brando and Molly.

As they never really saw any chemistry between Molly and the latest TJ, they fully believe she and Brando should be a “thing.” One fan wrote they would care a lot more about the Molly and TJ story if it was still the former TJ. They said they didn’t feel the chemistry with him.

Meanwhile, having seen the chemistry between Molly and Brando, they like that, saying “sign me up.” Others wrote they had loved Molly with the former TJ and that the couple just isn’t the same anymore.

Others have tweeted to say they are open to a pairing between Molly and Brando and that it is time for something new. Regardless of the character playing TJ, some fans seem to be happy that Molly is getting some action elsewhere. They feel Molly and TJ are too young to settle down.

Keep watching General Hospital on the ABC Network weekdays to see whether Molly and TJ can continue together.

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