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‘General Hospital’: Eden McCoy Talks Playing Young Carly And Josslyn’s Love Life

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Eden McCoy plays the role of Josslyn Jacks, Carly’s daughter on General Hospital. She recently spoke about having the opportunity to also play a young Carly.

In a special episode of General Hospital, fans experienced a flashback to the 1990s. It featured a time before Carly (Laura Wright) arrived in Port Charles. The episode features Eden McCoy, who normally plays the role of Carly’s daughter, Josslyn Jacks. She stars as a young Carly in the ABC special.

This special episode gives General Hospital fans a chance to see clues to a storyline that will feature in the coming weeks and months.

Special GH episode reveals Eden as young Carly

Eden McCoy says she was thrilled to have the opportunity to play a different role. This gave her the opportunity to work with a different set of characters in Port Charles. The episode features a number of flashbacks into the life of the Benson family. Eden stars with James Patrick Stuart (Valentin), Cynthia Watros (Nina) and Willa Rose as young Nelle.

Eden was interviewed by Michael Fairman about the opportunity to play the role of a young Carly. She also discussed having what it is like to have Laura Wright as her mother. Fans will also get a clue to whom Josslyn has given her heart. Is it Dev or Cameron?

Playing young Carly on General Hospital

Fans who watched the April 8 episode of General Hospital saw Eden in the role of a young Carly. In the interview, Fairman asks Eden when she found out about this alternative role. He also asks what the experience was like for her.

Eden says it was hands down one of her favorite GH experiences to date. In fact, if she had to choose a favorite episode on the soap, this would be it. She says she found out about the special episode from Laura Wright.

They hadn’t been working together that day but Laura casually dropped the news. She tells Eden she would be playing a young version of her in a special episode. She literally dropped the bomb and walked away to carry on working.

Eden was thrilled to play the role of young Carly

Eden says she was so surprised and excited, she immediately ran to tell her (real-life) mother. However, it took around a month before she received the script.

After reading it, she is “completely blown away.” At that time, Eden also receives the news that Carly’s mom was to be played by Cynthia Watros. James Patrick Stewart was set to play her dad. She says she has always admired both actors and is thrilled to have starred with them.

Eden also says how much fun it was researching 90s clothes. They reportedly wore the clogs, jelly shoes and cardigans the female cast of the sitcom Friends wore in days gone by. She even went so far as to name her three outfits for the special after Monica, Phoebe and Rachel.

Young Carly leaves her mom

In the episode, a young Carly desperately wants to leave home but she needs money to do so. She leaves her mother, Virginia, and goes looking for her dad, Frank. He turns out to be a disappointment. She had believed her dad was rich and would help her to move to New York. However, this turns out to be a heart-wrenching visit for Carly.

When asked what age she plays, Eden says she was around 18 to 19 years old in the episode. Nelle, played by Willa Rose, was 6. She says Willa is an “adorable little actress.” She adds that working with James is “phenomenal.” Playing opposite Cynthia as Nina was also rewarding for her, so she says she “totally scored.”

How is Josslyn’s love life in General Hospital?

Michael also asks Eden about Josslyn’s love life. Is she still into Dev (Ashton Arbab), or does Cameron have her heart?

Speaking of Dev, Eden says he is an “intriguing character.” She says he comes from a much different background than Josslyn. Eden says opposites do tend to attract and that happens to an extent in this story. While Dev is something different and is intriguing, she doesn’t know where this relationship could go.

As for Cam, Eden says her character doesn’t want to admit the feelings she has for him, even to herself. She says doing so would open a “whole big can of worms.” According to Eden, if Josslyn does admit an attraction for Cam, this could “taint” their friendship. She also admits that acting as a teenager can be really fun.

Fans will need to keep watching General Hospital weekdays on the ABC Network to find out what happens in Josslyn’s love life.

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