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Carlin Bates Completes Layla’s Nursery Upgrade, Watch Her Guided Tour

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Carlin Bates Stewart and her husband Evan spend time right now redecorating and completing the nursery for their daughter, Layla. It looks like they use coronavirus social-distancing time in a practical way. Actually, they also shared about uplifting things during this difficult time.

Carlin Bates sent out a supportive message about the coronavirus

A few days ago, Carlin took to her Instagram and shared an encouraging message to her fans. She talked about how basically people deal with the crisis either through faith for fear. And, she chose faith. Carlin said that all they can do is “simply trust [God’s] greater plan, love and lift up those around [them], and keep the faith.” But it looks like they also get on with their daily lives as best as they can, like so many of their followers.

Popular with Bringing Up Bates‘ fans, the young couple seems like great role models for the younger generation. Fans love their positive faith and the lighter side of life that they share on social media. They also appreciate the way she shares about their faith during such difficult times. Carlin Bates birthed her baby, Layla on January 31, US Weekly reported. Actually it seems incredible that just those couple months, the world looked like a very different place. But, for Carlin and Evan, this time at home’s a great opportunity to give their daughter’s nursery a makeover.

Evan and new mom, Carlin proudly show off their nursery upgrade

Carlin took to her Instagram Stories and shared some clips of the work they did on Layla’s nursery. In her introduction, Carlin said that she really likes it the way it looks now. Then, she showed Evan sitting in the rocking chair he put together for her. Actually, he’s proud to the max about that. She said he sat there a lot during the night and rocked their baby. She admitted it’s way more comfortable than the old one they used.

The area with the crib remained the same but they tidied up the area where the chest of drawers sits. Carlin put up a green potted plant and said it looks much better now. Carlin Bates also explained how “cute” all the neat little drawers look now that she sorted out Layla’s clothes. Then, looking out the window, she decided the day looked beautiful outside. So, the young couple planned on taking a walk in nature.

What did you think of the little walk around showing the upgrade to Layla’s nursery? Do you like the look of that rocking chair? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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