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’90 Day Fiance’: Fans Shocked That David Heads For A War Zone To Find Lana, A Suspected Catfish

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90 Day Fiance fans saw a few catfishers in the past. Caesar and Maria come to mind. Plus, this season brings Yolanda’s Williams. This season now reveals that David’s Lana might represent another classic catfisher. Lana, like Maria, finds multiple ways to avoid actually meeting her prospective fiance. Now fans reacted with shock as David’s keen on heading into a war zone to track down his elusive love.

90 Day Fiance – Is David’s Lana a catfish like Maria?

Fans might recall that Caesar finally came to the realization that Maria really just messed him around. In fact, he felt it was “all a game” to her. That came after she let him down multiple times. In fact, he even wasted money on a planned vacation in Mexico. But, she just left him high and dry. For years he sent her money and dedicated his life to her. Apparently besotted by her, fans simply didn’t understand when he’d figure out she never loved him.

In the end, Maria told the producers of the TLC show that she even talked to other men online. Now, fans see similar behavior from Lana. Actually, she also comes from Ukraine, just like Maria. The difference between Caesar Mack and David is that David spent seven years chasing after Lana, and Caesar spent five years. But, the outcome looks like it may end up similar. Now David plans a trip to a war zone to try and pin down another elusive 90 Day Fiance love-interest.

David on a war-zone mission, fans shocked Lana looks like a catfish

So far, David went to Ukraine three times but each time, Lana ghosted him. Actually, her excuses sound really feeble, fans think. The first time, she gave no reason. Then, she said she needed surgery. Once, she claimed her brother died. On his fourth attempt, she still featured as a no-show. Maybe some doubts finally creep into David’s head, as he discussed his concerns with his friend Anya, who seems pretty much convinced that Lana’s just a catfish.

David found out that the area where Lana lives really isn’t a tourist hot-spot. In fact, it’s pretty much a war zone. So, he’s determined to head off there and find her. Well, shocked fans think he’s a lunatic, to be frank. Many of them spoke out on Twitter. One said, “Is anyone more ridiculous and retarded than David? How stupid can he be? Lana doesn’t exist!!!!” Then, another 90 Day Fiance fan pointed out, “David gone from desperate and thirsty to straight up stalker. He’s going to a war zone to creep through the window of a PO Box.”

What do you think about David planning a mission into a war zone to hunt down Lana? Do you think he’s risking too much for a catfisher? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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