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‘Love is Blind’ Season 1: Which Couples Split, and Who Is Still Going Strong?

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If You Haven’t Binged Love is Blind, Don’t Read This: SPOILERS

It’s been nearly a year and a half since the wrap of the first season of Netflix’s new reality dating game, Love is Blind, and with no release date for Season 2- fans are feigning for the latest updates on their new favorite reality couples… or singles.

In addition to the shock and awe of going through such a lucrative relationship experiment, what other challenges could a couple face? Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton have to navigate the up and downs of being in an interracial relationship. As one of the two couples to say “I do” on their wedding day, the couple is still happily married as of the reunion special taped between February 16th and February 22nd, 2020. The couple spoke with Glamour in an article published March 10, 2020, and are seemingly still very happily married. Hamilton even light-heartedly mentions children in the future.

The second couple to actually say “I do” on their Love is Blind journey, Amber Pike and Matt Barnett were probably one of the most dramatic couples. Netflix portrays Barnett as a playboy for dating three women in the “pods.” In the reunion special, Pike admits that she almost calls it quits with Barnet. Pike and Barnett haven’t posted anything since March 5. 2020, when Harpers Bazaar reports Pike’s divorce consideration days after the reunion was released to Netflix.

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers revealed in the Love is Blind reunion special that they are still together. They are taking the extreme of the show’s premise to a whole new level. Going from blind dating, engaged, nearly married, broken up, and now dating. In an interview given to ET Online, the couple admits that they only broke up for a couple of hours.

Couples that didn’t work

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes not only got engaged through unconventional methods but also defied social expectations by choosing to abstain from having sex. Things seemed as pretty close to a sure thing as you could get under the circumstances, but doubts arose the closer Chase got to walking down the aisle. Almost as shocking as Chase rejecting Barnes at the alter- is Barnes revealing at the reunion that he is happily in a relationship…with someone else.

A recap of this season would be sorely lacking without mention of Mark Cuevas and Jessica Batten. Ten years his senior, Batten was originally part of the Barnett love-rectangle. Still pining after Barnett, Batten quickly accepted Cuevas’s proposal, only to say I don’t at the altar. This relationship was hard to watch, and at the reunion, both stated they are single. Batten admitted that she is starting to date. Worth watching is Pike calling Batten out on her drama at the reunion and Cuevas’s at home work out on Instagram (markanthonycuevas).

Carlton Morton and Diamond Jack’s whirlwind romance was short-lived. While on their Mexican vacation, things quickly turned tumultuous as Morton reveals to Jack that he is bi-sexual and believes that love is fluid. At the reunion, Jack accepts Morton’s apology (and her once engagement ring), but it is uncertain if the couple will rekindle their romance. On March 8, 2020, Screen Rant reported that Jack revealed they have fallen out again, and her dating life isn’t going well. Unfortunately, on March 6, 2020, Page Six reported that 911 was called to Morton’s home after a concerning Instagram post, and he is now in therapy. The pair mentioned in the reunion that they have both received death threats from the portrayal of how things transpired on the show.

With the reality tv fandom all a buzz, is 11 episodes enough to get your Love is Blind fix? While left to their own devices, we’ll spend our time following our favorite couples (and singles) while anxiously awaiting the final determination of season two of their latest guilty pleasure- Love is Blind.

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