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‘VPR’ Stars Jax Taylor And Tom Sandoval Fight On Twitter As Feud Escalates

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Forget television screens, the real Vanderpump Rules drama went down Tuesday night on Twitter. Co-stars and former best friends Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor exchanged insults as a new episode aired and showed the lead-up to Jax and Brittany Cartwright’s 2019 wedding.

As viewers know, the once-bffs are feuding after Sandoval accused Jax of firing the homophobic pastor hired for the wedding only after boss Lisa Vanderpump brought it up. At the time, Jax claimed he fired the pastor immediately, but changed his story on Twitter.

Now Jax says the couple gave the pastor a second chance after the homophobic posts were first brought to their attention. However, when the pastor continued to post anti-gay messages, Jax claims that was when the decision was made to fire the pastor. So, Jax basically admitted Sandoval was correct in how it went down.

VPR’s Jax Taylor Starts Twitter Fight By Bashing Sandoval

Jax took the first shot against his VPR co-star on Twitter. When a fan asked if Randall (Lala’s fiance) was out now that Sandoval was back in as best man, Jax doubled-down on regretting letting the TomTom co-owner stand up for him at his wedding.

The first time Jax threatened to remove Sandoval from his best man duties came during a tense Season 7 finale. He threatened several more times during Season 8, but always changed his mind.

It was actually ex-girlfriend, Stassi Schroeder, who convinced Jax during a recent episode that he would feel bad later if Sandoval wasn’t there.

Jax relented but he has been quite vocal about his regret.

Jax Implies Sandoval Is A Bad Boyfriend

And then we were off to the races!

Jax’s next tweet directly attacked Sandoval for his treatment of Ariana Madix’s brother, Jeremy. According to Jax, Jeremy isn’t “allowed” to work at TomTom because he’s not good-looking enough.

Fans may recall that Jeremy used to live with Sandoval and Ariana before they bought a house together. Despite that fact, Jax questions the way Sandoval treats Jeremy.

Sandoval Hits Back, Tells Jax to “Get Off My Nuts”

While Sandoval said during the early pastor saga that he’s rarely on social media, he was on Twitter Tuesday night to hit back at Jax. Sandoval shaded Jax for not tagging the people he was talking about directly.

Sandoval also had some choice words of advice for the former model: “stop posting fiction,” and “get off my nuts.”

Jax Responds By Bringing Up VPR Max Boyens Scandal

In response to Sandoval’s slam, Jax brought up the issue of Max Boyens still working at TomTom. As fans may recall, old, racist tweets from Max’s Twitter account resurfaced at the beginning of the season.

VPR Jax Taylor Twitter Screenshot
VPR Jax Taylor Twitter Screenshot

While Vanderpump Rules boss Lisa Vanderpump expressed her disappointment in Max, he wasn’t fired from her restaurants or the Bravo show.

Jax has been quick to point out what he perceives to be Sandoval’s hypocrisy in his reaction to the homophobic pastor compared to his response to Max’s tweets.

Reality Blurb reports that something goes down with Jax this season that will shock fans. According to Sandoval, Jax is attempting a “smear campaign” to cover up whatever happens later this season.

Jax isn’t the only one fighting Sandoval on social media. TV Shows Ace reports that VPR‘s Lala Kent went off on Sandoval and Ariana earlier this week.

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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