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Duggar: Joy Has The Right Response To Hate From Followers

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As TV Shows Ace reported, Gideon Forsyth is starting to take after his dad. Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth shared an adorable post of Gideon working with his parents. They said he was helping to clear land. In one picture, he’s driving a bulldozer with his mom. In the next one, he’s “helping” his dad with the chainsaw. Austin revealed in a YouTube Q&A that he has his own excavation business. He also builds homes. So, it looks like Gideon got to tag along this time.

As usual, lots of Duggar fans said how cute the little guy is. They think it’s great that his parents are already showing him how to be a hard worker and how to be safe with power tools and construction vehicles. But, as usual, a handful of Duggar fans had negative things to see about the new post.

Duggar fans hate on new post

Fans are specifically concerned about the second picture in Joy’s post. In the photo, Austin is holding a chainsaw. He’s wearing ear protection, but Gideon isn’t. This is where the problem lies, fans think. One comment reads, “Austin has ear protection but your precious baby doesn’t??? Teaching ur kids that this deadly tool is a toy“. Another says, “Why is a kid so small near a chainsaw 🤦‍♀️“.

J0y responds to backlash

Joy decided she wasn’t going to take the heat from Duggar fans. So, she fought back in the comments section. But, she didn’t appear to be angry on social media and typed out a simple response. She said, “it wasn’t running. I just wanted to get a picture of Gideon with Austin!:)”

In their YouTube Q&A video, they talked about criticism, since they do receive it often. Austin said, “We try to remind each other that when you hear some negative feedback, the best thing to do is examine yourself and see, ‘Okay, is what this person saying about me really true?’ And, once you go from there, and you evaluate and say, ‘No, I think they’re making this up,’ or ‘No, I don’t have this problem.’”

Duggar fans back Joy up

Plenty of fans offered their support to Joy. They know that she often gets backlash for the things that she posts. Most of the Duggar kids do, because they’ve always lived their lives in the spotlight. One Instagram user said, “i am surprised you and your sisters keep posting stuff people say so many stupid comments you are all brave“. Another said, “Geez, if you’re going to criticize, why follow them, mind your own business. Let the poor girl share pictures of her family with out criticism. Just because they are public figures doesn’t give anyone the right to tell them how to raise their children or live their life!

Though Joy can definitely stand her ground and fight back against the haters, she probably appreciates the reassurance and support that comes from her fans. She’s not the only one of her siblings to be criticized for how they’re raising their kids.

Do you think Duggar fans should be so concerned? Or, do you think Joy and Austin are doing a fine job of raising their son? Share your thoughts below.

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