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Duggar Cousin Amy King Talks Backlash On Latest Post

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Many Duggar fans recognize and follow Amy King because she’s a cousin of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids. Jim Bob and Amy’s mom, Deanna, are siblings. On International Women’s Day, which was on Sunday, March 8, Amy shared a new social media post. In the photo, she’s wearing a black and white polka dot dress. Her husband, Dillon King, is laying on the ground. Amy has one foot on top of his stomach and is flexing her arms, showing off her strength. Along with the picture, she shared a caption about celebrating the “strong, beautiful and loving women”.

While she did receive some love on the post, not everyone was positive about it. Amy actually received a lot of hate for the picture. Her followers weren’t very happy with her.

Duggar cousin receives hate

In the comments section of her post, lots of her followers had negative things to say about it. One of her followers said this picture doesn’t represent how a husband and wife should support each other. The follower added, “He supports her by standing beside her, loving her for who she is, and encouraging her to follow her dreams—not by lying on the ground underneath her foot.

Other comments echoed a similar sentiment. Overall, the response to Amy’s post was pretty negative. This is a bit shocking as the Duggar cousin usually receives a lot of love and support on social media. Fans especially appreciate the new mom’s honesty about motherhood and life.

Another follower said, “The dress is beautiful, you are beautiful. The photo, is not a representation of a strong woman. A strong woman doesn’t stand or hold back her husband. A strong woman stands with her husband, together, to support and lift one another up.” Some simply said that they really don’t like the photo and the message it portrays.

Amy opens up about the backlash from Duggar fans and other followers

Many of Amy’s followers are also fans of her famous cousins, the Duggar family. On Sunday evening, she took the time to talk about the backlash she received in response to her International Women’s Day post. She talked about these things in an Instagram story.

She starts out saying, “My photo has received a lot of backlash, and I’m really catching some heat tonight on what I posted. And, let me tell you something, no matter what I post, the DMs that I have received tonight are absolutely horrendous. Talking about how I’m worthless, how I am a nobody, how like everybody hates me and they’re just not gonna tell me.”

Then, the Duggar cousin continues, “And I’m here to tell you that that’s hate. That is total hate speech. My husband and I were just joking around. And, the fact that someone can write to me that I’m worthless really makes me want to delete Instagram.” She talks about “being attacked” by international women on International Women’s Day. Also, she mentions how the day is supposed to be about love and support, which is not what she received on her post.

She adds, “They thought that my picture was just degrading and a terrible depiction of my marriage and like how I should be with my husband.” She calls these the worst comments she’s ever received. And, being a part of the Duggar family, the cousin has received plenty of hate while on social media. She says she doesn’t consider herself famous, but her cousins are, which kind of involves her. This likely contributed to the number of followers she has.

She says that she knows that it was a “total joke”. Plus, she points out that she still reads all the comments and is hurt by them, even if she lives her life in the public eye. She addresses the common misconception that those in the public eye don’t

Amy’s husband Dillon speaks out

It seems that Dillon is standing behind his wife on this one. The Duggar cousin’s husband commented on the post and said, “Everyone needs to stop, take a step back, remove the hate, and just have a laugh. My wife and I support each other wholeheartedly and this was nothing more that having some fun while shooting one day. If you all can’t just laugh and have a good time on here then I would hate to see how you react to real offencive content on social media. 🤣

A handful of Amy’s followers left similar comments on the post and encouraged her followers to stop hating on her and taking things too seriously. After all, some of them think it’s all a joke. They think the Duggar cousin is just having some fun in the photo.

What do you think about the new post? Do you think that the backlash she received is warranted or not? Share your thoughts below.

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