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Duggar: Amy King Apologizes For The Hate On Her Instagram

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Duggar cousin Amy King isn’t one for hate or negativity. According to a recent Instagram Stories update, she tends to take the criticism from her social media followers as a grain of salt. After all, criticism is just someone’s opinion. And, she believes everyone is entitled to an opinion even if she doesn’t necessarily agree with them. That being said, things got pretty heated on one of Amy King’s Instagram posts recently. Unfortunately, it got so heated she wasn’t able to ignore it completely.

Amy Duggar King apologizes for the hate and negativity on her Instagram.

Amy Duggar King took to her Instagram Stories recently to respond to the negativity in her latest post on her profile. For those who aren’t familiar with the latest update, Amy shared a few adorable snaps of her son and her husband falling asleep together. As we previously reported, the snaps caused a bit of a debate on her profile. Some people took issue with her husband and baby boy sleeping in the same bed together. They declared co-sleeping and bed-sharing one of the worst things you could do as a parent.

While Amy King was quick to admit that she didn’t share a bed with her son Daxton, her Instagram Stories response to the negativity wasn’t what most expected. Amy King didn’t clap back at those who criticized the photo. She explained they didn’t bed share, she explained how the photo happened, and she explained why criticism means little to her.

Amy Duggar King decided to take a moment to address the negativity and hate on her comments. But, not because she felt attacked. It was because she felt like her followers were attacking each other. Amy King took a moment to apologize. She apologized for all of the negativity on her page. She apologized to anyone who felt attacked by the topic of co-sleeping.

The Duggar cousin recognizes how hard it is to be a mother.

According to the Duggar cousin, it was hard to be a mother. There were so many other “perfect mothers” who are quick to pass judgement. She, however, wished the world was different. She wished women would support each other for how beautiful they are. The last thing Amy King wanted was to see her followers putting each other down.

While Amy King did make it clear she does not share a bed with her son, she didn’t dive too deep into her own personal thoughts on co-sleeping. What are your thoughts on the negativity on her Instagram? Sound off down below.

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