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General Hospital Spoilers: Peter Comes Up With Plan To Pass All Blame To Liesl

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In General Hospital spoilers for Friday, Peter August is going to find a way to redirect all his misdeeds and place them firmly on Dr. Liesl Obrecht.

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital saw Peter August (Wes Ramsay) coming up with a plan. He wants to make it look like Dr. Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) hired the hit man to kill Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) and Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth). Spoilers for Friday’s episode suggest Peter will find a way to put the blame for all his many misdeeds directly onto Obrecht.

Peter wants Dr. Obrecht to take all the blame

Peter August wants to clear himself of all his many misdeeds, while firmly placing the blame on Dr. Liesl Obrecht. This would clearly solve all his problems. Peter still holds a grudge against Obrecht for holding him captive in the cabin following Nathan’s death. This makes her the perfect person in Peter’s eyes to take all the blame. But while, yes, Liesl is no angel, she doesn’t deserve to be blamed for hiring the hitman.

Fans will remember Peter organizing the hitman to kill Andre and Franco. However, at the last minute, his conscience struck. He ended up looking like a hero by killing the hitman and “saving” both men.

Peter is the man with the plan

While he may have looked a hero in that case, Peter knows many people still suspect him for his many and various deeds. He has been doing his best to stop Maxie finding out the truth. he also wants to ensure Anna doesn’t get too close to the real facts.

As seen on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, Peter is using his own connections to lead his mother astray. He wants Anna to believe Liesl hired the hitman and is pretty much responsible for everything Peter is actually guilty of doing. Soon after this, Anna finds Liesl, who actually had no clue the blame was being placed firmly on her.

While Liesl doesn’t really deserve to be framed by Peter, General Hospital spoilers are saying Peter will keep going with his twisted plans. He will also get Anna totally hooked on the idea.

Friday’s sneak peek for General Hospital will show Anna confronting Obrecht with the blame, telling her she has proof of her guilt. Maxie will also be pulled into Peter’s dastardly plan, as he convinces her Liesl is the one responsible.

As noted by She Knows Soaps, Anna will most likely share the information with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) and Finn (Michael Easton). This is due to spoilers revealing both men seated at a table, with Anna arriving on the scene to tell them she has some information to share.

The truth must come out

Obviously, Peter can’t get away with everything forever and will get caught out at some point in the future. According to General Hospital spoilers, this won’t be any time soon.  However, as teased by General Hospital, Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is hoping Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) has good news for her.

When everything does eventually come out, as it surely must, the results will be bad. Anna will no doubt be devastated, while Maxie will be heartbroken. Peter may have bought himself a little time with his latest ruse, but he may have eventually taken things too far.

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