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Is Jill Dillard Finally Free Of Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar?

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Is Jill Dillard the first Duggar child to completely break free of Michelle and Jim Bob? Duggar fans are starting to suspect that may be the case.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar rose to fame after bringing 19 children into the world. Many of their own children now star in a TLC series called Counting On. Married, many of their children now have families of their own. Many members of the Duggar family can also be followed via various social media platforms.

So, it’s pretty easy to keep tabs on the Duggars.

Jill Duggar Dillard has been a pretty hot topic as of late.

Jill Dillard no longer makes appearances on any TLC shows. Moreover, her husband recently made some pretty huge claims against Jill’s family (and TLC) on social media.

Derick Dillard has always been known to be outspoken and rebellious. Jill, however, seemed to just silently obey. It, however, now appears as if things are different. She is making some major changes. She seems to be breaking free of the chains from her childhood.

Jill Dillard isn’t following in the footsteps of her childhood.

Jill (and the rest of her siblings) grew up in a strict household. They were not allowed to wear pants. Had to wear long skirts. And, they couldn’t touch a man until they were married.

Duggar females were also expected to maintain their long hair, help care for their younger siblings, and obey all of their parents rules.

Also, Jessa and Jinger have been getting a lot of attention for making changes to their lifestyle. This includes wearing pants. Jill, however, appears to be the one breaking free from Jim Bob and Michelle the most.

How has she broken free from her strict childhood?

Jill Dillard started wearing more modern clothing after getting married. She got her nose pierced. She even cut off her long hair. Jill is also noticeably distant from her parents. Moreover, Derick revealed that Jill needed permission to visit her family home.

Perhaps the biggest step Jill Dillard has taken in stepping away from mama and papa Duggar is in the education department. She recently decided to enroll her son in public school.

On Reddit, Duggar followers are surprised to see Jill breaking from her family and childhood.

“If you told me five years ago that jill would be the duggar to put their child in real school and wear pants i never would’ve believed you,” one follower penned.

Another chimed in: “I was just rewatching Counting On Season 4 and feeling so amazed at how drastically different she is now. She’s come a long way and I’m proud of her for that. It really gives me hope for the rest of them!”

“I am continuously stunned that Jill, of all people, is the daughter that has ‘broken away’ in any meaningful sense. Jeans, nose ring, and now a kid in actual school!” A third added.

So, what do you think about Jill Dillard breaking free from her childhood? Do you believe she’s becoming her own person?

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