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Why Haven’t Jim Bob & Michelle Cut Josh Duggar From The Family?

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As those who keep up with the drama surrounding Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar know… Mama and papa Duggar are not afraid to cut one of their kids out of the family. In fact, most Duggar fans have come to terms with the fact that Jill Duggar Dillard was cut from the family.

Jill’s husband Derick Dillard made waves with the family.

Jim Bob Duggar (with his wife Michelle at his side) runs the show. He is the alpha male on top of the family tree. He is in charge of the family. Derick Dillard, however, has made it clear he wasn’t willing to play by Duggar rules. In fact, as we previously reported… Derick Dillard went on Instagram a while back to spill major tea on the Duggar family.

According to Derick, his wife Jill isn’t even allowed to visit the family compound. He explained Jim Bob must be at the compound and she must have permission to drop by. Notably, we never see pictures of Jill and Derick on the Duggar family Instagram page or vice versa.

Still, Duggar fans have a hard time wrapping their minds around Jill being cut out of the family. This is especially true when the topic of conversation shifts to Josh Duggar. Josh was the center of a lot of scandals a few years ago. His wife Anna forgave him. So, did his parents. His family even reportedly lives on Duggar property. Some suspect it is so Jim Bob and Michelle can keep a close eye on him.

The big question Duggar fans have is really simple… Why haven’t Michelle and Jim Bob cut Josh and Anna Duggar from the family the same way they cut Jill?

Michelle and Jim Bob placed Josh in a leader position.

Michelle and Jim Bob had decided Josh should be the leader of his siblings. This included being one who did the speaking during TV specials and interviews. His parents forced him into the public eyes.

Cheat Sheet suspects Michelle and Jim Bob hoped the attention would mask some of the mistakes Josh made over the years. Perhaps they thought the attention would make him feel accountable for his actions in the future?

It, however, didn’t work that way. Josh got wrapped up in the Ashley Madison data breach. He visited strips clubs. Josh was accused of talking to women on a fake OkCupid profile. And, he was accused of being intimate with someone other than his wife.

Parental favoritism likely to blame

Cheat Sheet goes on to suspect parental favoritism plays a key role in why Josh Duggar gets away with so much. Parental favoritism is frowned upon in society. However, a large portion of what the Duggar family does is also frowned upon. They don’t exactly follow a society norm.

The Duggar family not placing the same value on women as men is also likely to blame. Tons of people who follow the Duggars accuse the family (especially Jim Bob) of being anti-woman.

Duggar women tend to avoid typical adult tasks such as handling finances, going to college, and getting a job. Instead, the women focus on tending to the house, cooking, and having children.

Philadelphia reported a few years ago on Josh’s molestation of his younger sisters. The publication claimed the situation proved the family was “anti-woman.” According to the publication, the young girls never received an apology for what happened.

Cheat Sheet suspects that Josh being a man resulted in his parents giving him another chance. Jill, on the other hand, being a woman… She was cast off.

Notably, Jill is no longer financially tied to her father. Josh is.

Why do you think Josh Duggar has not been tossed out of the family the same way Jill was?


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