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Reality Steve Reveals Who ‘The Bachelor’ Peter Weber Slept With

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The Bachelor is heating up and soon Peter Weber will be traveling to Australia with his final three ladies for overnight dates. This is where the major drama is about to go full throttle. First, he will have to survive hometown dates. Fans learned last night he will be visiting four different cities with Victoria Fuller, Hannah Ann Sluss, Madison Prewett and Kelsey Weier. Warning! Spoilers ahead so proceed with caution.

Peter gets intimate

If you’ve read the spoilers already out there, it’s known that Kelsey is sent home brokenhearted after her hometown date. Those following the spoilers closely know that Madison is very religious and is still a virgin. She is saving herself for marriage. Fans also know that Peter is obviously not. Everyone knows about Peter’s four times in the windmill with Hannah Brown. However, while that apparently doesn’t bother Madison too much, she is bothered by the fact that Peter does engage in sexual activities with other women on his season. There is even footage in the upcoming previews of Peter in bed with someone.

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El Amor de Pedro really takes off tonight in Santiago, Chile! #thebachelor

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Reality Steve took to his blog this morning to share some juicy details he is finally confident to release. According to Steve, Peter definitely has intercourse with one, more than likely two women on the fantasy suite dates. Steve said while it is not normal for contestants to talk to each other at this point in the journey, somehow there was a girl chat between the final three. Victoria F. and Hannah Ann told Madison that they had intimate encounters during the fantasy suite dates. It is unclear if it was with Victoria F., Hannah Ann or both. Steve feels it was more than likely both since they were both talking to Madison about it.

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Celebrating that dub

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Madison’s reaction

In previews, it’s been shown that Victoria is seen saying she can’t believe Madison waited this long to tell him she was a virgin. This has not been seen yet on the show. Fans who have watched know that Madison has told Peter how strong her faith is, however, she has failed to mention the part about saving herself for marriage. Knowing this, it’s pretty obvious nothing sexual happens between Peter and Madison on their overnight date.

However, knowing Peter was intimate with the other girls does not sit well with Madison. In fact, in previews you can hear her saying she doesn’t know if she can handle knowing he was intimate. Turns out she can’t. According to Steve, Madison takes herself out of the running. This piece of information is huge and helps piece together many missing details to Peter’s big unspoiled ending.

What happens next is yet to be seen. Steve is still working on getting confirmation as to how all of this plays out. It looks like Madison leaving could be a huge puzzle piece in the drama that is to come. Don’t miss the exciting upcoming weeks of The Bachelor on ABC.

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