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Rachel Beaver’s Mother Is DEVASTATED By Pregnancy Confirmation

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Young and Pregnant fans recently watched Rachel Beaver’s mom learn some shocking news about her daughter.

Rachel Beaver has been a hot topic among Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant fans as of late. It was confirmed that the MTV star was expecting her second child. This is something fans have been speculating for a period of time now.

Rachel Beaver’s mother, Stephanie Bollen, didn’t respond well to the confirmation.

The hearts of Young and Pregnant fans broke as they watched Rachel’s mother fall to pieces on the couch. She buried her face in her hands and cried as her daughter exited the house to share the news with her boyfriend.

After the conversation with her boyfriend ended, her mother came outside. Rachel announced she wanted to see “how dark” the lines on the pregnancy test were. Rachel’s mother quickly shot the idea down. She noted that the lines were “really f*cking dark.” She, then, proceeded to educate her daughter on pregnancies and pregnancy tests. Rachel’s mother noted it was highly unlikely that she had a false positive. Her mother continued to explain that false negatives were more common than false positives.

Stephanie Bollen tossed a little shame toward her daughter. 

Rachel Beaver’s mother didn’t particularly feel that sorry for her daughter. While she was clearly upset by the news. She suspected there was a good chance her daughter would get knocked up again. She knew this because her daughter wasn’t making the best decisions with her current boyfriend.

“Cause I knew you weren’t being safe…” Stephanie said to her daughter before revealing she’d repeatedly asked Rachel to get on some type of birth control.

Is Rachel Pregnant Again?

It's the moment of truth on the next Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant. Is Rachel pregnant again?

Posted by Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant on Friday, February 7, 2020

Changing the subject, Rachel whines to her mother that she isn’t sure what she’s going to do. She doesn’t know how she wants to handle the situation. But, she does know she doesn’t want to go through another pregnancy.

Her mother, however, chimes in to offer some more wisdom. She reminds her daughter she doesn’t have a lot of choices. After all, you can’t just completely opt out of being pregnant once the ball is rolling.

While it is her body and her decision, viewers did hear her boyfriend note that he didn’t want Rachel to kill the baby just because she didn’t want to be pregnant again.

Young and Pregnant fans feel for her mother.

In the comments of the video clip, fans of the MTV series really felt bad for Rachel’s mother.

  • “This scene breaks my heart for Rachel’s mother!! This girl is a mess.”
  • “Momma crys, Rachel laughs. How sad. She is lucky she has her mom there for her.”
  • “She thinks it’s cute and funny smh. I’m praying for her mother cause that’s exactly whose going to be the one raising those babies, she better cherish her mother.”

Are you surprised to learn Rachel Beaver is pregnant again? Do you feel bad for her mother? Sound off in the comments down below.

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