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Is Jill Dillard Teaching Her Sons To Be Grifters?

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We recently learned that Jill Duggar Dillard is allowing her sons to receive and open fan mail from her P.O. box. Understandably, this has raised some concerns among followers of the Duggar family.

Some question the life lessons Jill Dillard is teaching her sons.

Jill Dugger Dillard and her husband have received tons of backlash surrounding the P.O. box. Many criticize the couple because they believe it is just a way for them to get free things from fans. Is it just an indirect way to beg fans for gifts and freebies?

According to a thread posted on the subreddit Duggar Snark, many are now concerned about the life lessons Jill is passing onto her sons.

“Jill boasting about her freebies after making a trip to their PO Box. The kids got some $2 bills and Jill some jewelry. What a wonderful lesson to teach your kids. Open a PO Box so people can send us free stuff. I would just once love to see them pay it forward or give back instead of taking,” the original post on the subreddit reads.

A few accused the mother of teaching her sons to be grifters.

A large chunk of the chatter in the subreddit accused Jill Dillard and the entire Duggar family of being grifters.

“Nothing about their level of grifting surprises me anymore. They managed to get TTH basically paid for, they lived in the house before that on the church’s dime, and every free hand out they could possibly get, they grab for like a two year old wanting candy. What is really crazy is the people who don’t see through this and send her sh*t.” One frustrated individual penned.

A second individual agreed: “Thank you! Yes! Their life is one big grift. It’s unreal.”

“Duggar mentality of having trips, houses, clothes, children’s toys/books, etc paid for by others while claiming to live “Christian” values is astounding to me. They never seem to be giving – always taking,” a third added to the conversation.


For anyone unfamiliar with the word grifter… It is the equivalent of calling someone a scammer. Others synonyms for grifter include chiselers, defrauders, gougers, and swindlers.

Some proceeded to accuse the family of being Christian when it is convenient.

Several of those chatting in the subreddit admitted to finding the Duggar family’s commitment to their faith to be frustrating. These individuals continued to explain the entire Duggar family seem quick to take just about anything offered to them. They, however, never appear to be willing to give anything back.

As we’ve previously reported, Jill and Derick Dillard aren’t exactly on great terms with the rest of the Duggar family. So, some have found it concerning she appears to be teaching her boys the grifting ways of the rest of her family.

Do you have an issue with Jill Dillard and her P.O. box? Do you think she is sending her boys the wrong messages? Sound off in the comments down below.

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