‘Couples Couch’ Goes Dry This Week, Big Doubts And Dad Concerns

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The seasoned veteran Married at First Sight couples came together for this week’s January 23rd Couples Couch. They had to be willing to share their first impressions and fondest support to the fledgling Season 10 newlyweds. For one couple, the viewing and running commentary were decidedly different and drier. A little birdie must have relayed a message to Season 5 favorites, Anthony D’Amico and Ashley Petta. That message could’ve said that they were having a few too many of those full goblets of wine week after week. Not a single clink of their glasses was heard this week. But, the other couples on this installment of Couples Couch couldn’t believe what was going down. Millions of Married at First Sight viewers, were in the same boat. This is all because of what was transpiring between the five Washington D.C. couples.

It’s probably a good thing that there was less liquid enhancement to the mood this week on Couples Couch. Things for more than one Married at First Sight match became sobering very quickly.  Through it all, Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre, Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar, and Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner weren’t shy at all about spilling their views on the shocking opening honeymoon starts for the new couples.

Everyone on Couples Couch wagers on wedding nights

It was only last week that Ashley Petta opted to start a drinking game any time “awkward” was uttered by any of the newlyweds. Also, any time fitness trainer groom, Zach Justice, was seen shirtless. It’s odd that their wine spigot went dry. A producer might have suggested a bit less imbibing by the young parents. The bets were still on regarding who would be the most intimate on the wedding night.

Ashley and Anthony and Jamie and Doug were positive that ultimate passion was enjoyed by Katie and Derek. Even after, Derek explained why they decided to wait a little longer so that their first time didn’t seem like “a one night stand that didn’t end.” Ashley still didn’t believe he was being honest. Jamie did agree that it would be “weird” to shake the hand of a new father-in-law at brunch after intimacy with his daughter the night before.

Jephte adds a dad condition

Down to a person, everyone from Couples Couch was taken with Derek’s caring gesture to secure a marriage blessing from Katie’s father, Dante, and to do it privately. Jephte Pierre can sometimes be a man of few words. But, in this installment, he was quite vocal about the Married at First Sight groom who claims that he has never been in love. “Really decent and classy,” Pierre said of Derek’s discussion ending in an embrace with Dante.

Jephte did, however, say that he would add one big caveat. That is, if he was the father giving his blessing to a Married at First Sight marriage for his precious daughter, Laura Denise. “I would have him come to me after the eight weeks,” insisted papa Pierre as Shawniece burst out laughing. “After I know you’re gonna stay married, then you ask my blessing.”

Shawniece and Jephte also got the giggles remembering the honeymoon pajamas that she packed for their honeymoon. “I have no idea where they are now,” she confessed. One day they will be found under all the baby memories.

What does Jamie think of Derek?

Jamie Otis seems to go back and forth with Derek. She was very complimentary to the groom on his Unfiltered visit last week. But, when Otis watches with her husband, she sees his inexperience as a huge red flag. Because of this, doesn’t trust his naïveté. On the other hand, she did give Derek kudos. This was for telling Katie about getting the “seal of approval”. Everyone was supportive of the excitement between these two to learn about each other.

Kristine Killingsworth couldn’t get a smooch from her husband while she was looking at Zach. But, by the end of the night, feelings for that groom shifted. Kristine loved the bathtub in the middle of the bedroom in the honeymoon suites of Panama. Married at First Sight fans had to be reminded of her diving session with Keith in a giant champagne glass bubble bath.

The Couples Couch slaps back at family grilling

All of the Couples Couch crew, apart from Anthony and Ashley, are pulling for Austin and Jessica. Jamie, Ashley, and Christine suggested that Jessica and her twin sister, Jennifer, could pull some switcheroos on their new in-laws. For whatever reason, Anthony doesn’t “buy” Austin and Jessica’s current quirky delight in one another.

Kristine Killingsworth was very much in accord with Mindy’s BFF, Shanne. Shanne called out Zach for his possible career-boosting aspirations for Married at First Sight. She elaborated that perhaps the close friend has her own trust issues. Kristine is always ready to offer Couples Couch counseling.

Keith and Kristine are pulling for Taylor and Brandon, and it’s understandable. The couple looks cozy and seemed to be gaining compatibility in their honeymoon scenes.  Judging from previews, their problems magnify once home life together begins.  Kristine did say that the questions of “33 and not married” for Brandon and “how many children?” to Taylor were way too deep, too soon. Jamie Otis declared that Brandon really botched it with “I just woke up” to his in-laws.  Keith also chimed in to lend support to Brandon.

Tossed by storms of unforeseen separation on Couples Couch

While Jessica and Austin got a kick out of sharing the “farting couch” over breakfast, there was nothing funny about the first honeymoon night for two other couples. Meka and Michael and Zach and Mindy cross wires and separate within hours of arriving in Panama. Like the viewers, the veteran couples are stunned by seeing the early split, when even honeymoons bring heartbreak.

Meka accuses Michael of being “completely different” off-camera. In one of his “off-camera” exchanges with his bride during their flight to Panama, Meka alleges that he told her that if she didn’t agree to be intimate with him during their honeymoon, he was out of the marriage. She lets out the floodgate of her feelings upon getting to their suite, and Michael says nothing, appearing to be listening.

After the pairs on Couples Couch see the encounter for themselves, they, like many viewers, are struck that Michael never denies the charge, he only says that he “meant what I said” during their vows and that he is working to communicate and be a better husband.  Shawniece says that because no one will ever know what was said off-camera, no one will ever be able to judge the truth.  “She can trust anything he says now,” Anthony insists. Keith says to the screen, “you never let your spouse go to bed angry” as Michael is seen rolling his luggage to another room, breaking a big Married at First Sight guideline– never leave the premises where you are together. It’s no wonder this season is in such a tumult.

More drama with Mindy

More drama comes when Mindy is roaming the halls of the resort. She’s not wanting to return “to that room.” She shares that Zach told her there was no physical attraction sparked between them. And, while, she may have overreacted in saying that “this was a really bad idea,” the response is certainly understandable for the bride. After all, she was the object of such chivalry during the ceremony.

Mindy already was getting herself into trouble by comparing the outward appearances of her marriage to that of the other couples, seen for just a few moments as each couple checked in for their romantic adventure. “Relax and let it go,” Jamie encouraged, siding with Zach on “not forcing PDA” but not liking his “talk to me while I wash my face” comment, either.

The wide eyes from everyone on this Couples Couch were prompted from worry. The episode sparked a lot more concern than romantic wonder. Let’s hope that at least one or two of these couples decide to take cues from the experts. And, let’s hope they work at their relationships, so that marital bliss, not just bombshells can be revealed in future weeks.

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