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Meri Brown Feels Her Sister Wives’ Love Is ‘Conditional’

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown isn’t feeling the unconditional love and compassion from her family as of late.

Meri Brown’s move back to Flagstaff, Arizona isn’t going so well.

According to an exclusively sneak peek provided by Us Weekly, Meri is having a hard time getting her sister wives to assist her in moving her possessions into her home.

The sneak peek video reveals neither Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, or Robyn Brown are too interested in giving Meri a hand.

Robyn, however, clarifies not wanting to help has nothing to do with their feelings toward Meri.

“Meri lives in this house built up the side of the mountain. So, she has these huge stairs all the way up the side of her house and every time I walk up those stairs, I about faint,” she confessed during a confessional interview that will be in tonight’s episode.

Her sister wives, however, don’t want to leave Meri hanging.

Robyn, Christine, and Janelle sit down with Meri to discuss the best options for helping Meri get moved in. Meri Brown makes it clear she isn’t sure why the topic is even being discussed. She believes it is “what family does.”

Robyn, however, noted the stairs at Mer’s house are “insane.” Collectively, her sister wives worried they would damage her belongings trying to go up the stairs.

Meri doesn’t want to hire a professional to help her move.

Meri shared while struggling to hold back tears: “I don’t want to hire somebody. I do not want to hire somebody. I want to have family around. I’d rather have my family come and help me put my stupid bag together then pay somebody to do it, because that would mean I would have some family interaction, which I think is really important.”

Meri Brown continued to note she wasn’t sure why she was so upset. She, however, believed her sister wives would feel less isolated if they were able to work together on a simple task.

Her sister wives believed hiring a professional to carry the big things in seemed like a “no brainer.”

“This isn’t like a big deal. Just hire people to help you with the big stuff, we’ll come over and help you with the smaller stuff. It’s no big deal at all, that’s no brainer. She just needs to let us know,” Robyn added during her confessional interview.

During the conversation about how to handle Meri’s move, Janelle noted they could have an unpacking party after they hire a professional to get the heavy items in place.

The Sister Wives‘ star is irritated she doesn’t have the help of some of the males in their family.

Meri Brown feels irritated she doesn’t have the option of getting Dayton Jessop or partner Kody Brown to help with getting her items moved in. Robyn noted during a confessional it was not personal that her son wasn’t available to help Meri out.

Christine explained during a confessional that her daughters Gwendlyn and Ysabel offered to help Meri with the move. Meri, however, never called them about getting the offered help.

While Meri Brown admits she understands not wanting to life heavy items… She can’t help but feel as those her family’s love for her is “conditional” and limited.

New episodes of Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights.

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