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Duggar: Jill Dillard Is Called Out For Spreading Inaccurate Medical Information

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A couple of days ago, Jill Duggar Dillard posted a photo on Instagram and asked for prayers. The picture features a family with three children. She told her followers that her friends’ baby was diagnosed with meningitis. The baby girl, Emma, is only three months old.

So far, Jill has yet to provide an update on the baby’s diagnosis. She also didn’t tag the family in the post. So, there is no way to follow the family for updates.

In response to the post, Jill received a lot of comments from her followers. They are showing concern for the baby and they hope for a quick recovery. Many offered prayers. As a whole, fans agree the situation is heartbreaking.

Jill’s sister-in-law, Anna, said that she would be praying. Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff also commented that she’s praying.


Some of Jill’s followers are unfamiliar with meningitis and how it is spread. One follower commented, “Praying for her and the family! Is meningitis airborne?” In response, Jill wrote, “Yeah, hers is bacterial meningitis, not contagious or prevented by vaccines.”

Duggar fans call Jill out for misinformation

After Jill responded, Duggar fans began pouring in with their own medical knowledge and experience. They corrected her for her misinformation about meningitis. One said, “Please read up on your medicine. It is both contagious and prevented by vaccines. Shame on you.”

One of Jill’s followers, who is a medical lab scientist, said, “No the vaccine is for bacterial NOT viral. Bacterial is much more deadly and very contagious. Signed a medical lab scientist.”

One Duggar follower tried to clear up what Jill said and wrote, “Regardless, she was only old enough to get one shot. There are also different forms the vaccine does not protect.”

Some of her followers even replied on Twitter when she posted the same message there. One seemed pretty upset that she was continuing to spread inaccurate information.

Jill’s post sparks vaccine debate

Because of the questions regarding meningitis and vaccines, a few anti-vaxxers also joined in the conversation. Some of her followers believe that the baby’s meningitis could have been caused by other vaccines. One mentioned that meningitis is a “side effect of several vaccines”.

Quickly, other fans began to ask those anti-vaxxers to stop using this sad situation to push their “anti-vax agenda”. They thought it was inappropriate to blame the baby’s illness on vaccines, especially when Jill’s followers don’t know the family or their story.

On the other hand, some Duggar fans mentioned that this is an important reason for people to get vaccinated.

Overall, Jill’s followers left encouraging messages about the situation. They said that they would pray. Hopefully, Jill will provide her followers with an update soon. So far, she has yet to say anything new about the family.

What do you think of Jill’s post? Did you think that she was spreading inaccurate information? Leave a comment below.

Check back for more updates about the Duggar family.

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