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Duggar Fans Are Concerned Bella Is Cold In Recent Post

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On Wednesday, Josiah and Lauren Duggar shared a new post on Instagram. The couple documented their daughter, Bella, turning two months old. In the photos, Lauren is holding Bella.

On Reddit, several of the family’s followers were chatting about the post. This then sparked a discussion about Lauren’s clothing choices compared to what Bella is wearing.

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Look who’s 2 months old!💕 . .These days our little ray of sunshine is all smiles and her little coo’s just melts our hearts! .#bellamilagro

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Followers are concerned because Lauren is wearing a sweater, which means that it’s likely chilly outside. Bella, on the other hand, is only wearing a sleeper and a headband. Her ears and hands aren’t covered.

Someone said, “I’ve learned in child development that babies should be wearing one more layer than you are. So if you’re wearing a coat, your baby better be wearing a coat because they are going to get sick. Does Lauren even care?”

Another replied, “If it’s chilly, she needs a hat. Baby or not, she has no hair. Notice bald men wear hats a lot outside. It’s because it’s pretty chilly to have a bald head.”

In response, a few users did argue that their own children ran warm and didn’t always need to wear extra layers. Of course, this isn’t the case with all babies.

While fans may feel this way about Josiah and Lauren’s parenting, how they raise their daughter is up to them. They are first-time parents and may have some room to improve. But, the criticism may not be taken well, especially with how much they’ve already gotten.

It’s also worth noting that the Duggar couple only shared a few pictures from this little photo shoot outside. It’s possible that they only stepped out for a couple of minutes to get these pictures. So, maybe Bella was only outside for a short time without a blanket, hat, jacket, or mittens.

Is this the first time Lauren Duggar’s parenting has been questioned?

Mom-shaming is common for the Duggar family because they’re constantly in the spotlight. On Instagram, Josiah and Lauren have a total of 756,000 followers. That’s a lot of eyes watching their every move. Other celebrities and Duggar family members get negative attention for similar parenting choices. There’s simply no way for them to avoid it without leaving social media.

TV Shows Ace has reported on a couple of times that Josiah and Lauren have already been parent-shamed. Their baby girl is only two months old, but the negative comments are already rolling in.

On Christmas Day, Josiah and Lauren shared a new family picture. In the photo, Bella isn’t wearing socks. Now, since it was December, the family’s followers assumed that it was cold out, so they expressed their concern. But, the couple clarified that it was warm outside and said, “It’s actually 70 degrees today-one the warmest Christmas’s😆”.

More criticism came over how the young parents might not know how to support Bella’s head. At the Duggar family’s Christmas celebration, Jessa Seewald was filming. She posted a video to YouTube. That’s when fans began to notice that Bella’s head wasn’t being supported correctly.

What do you think of fans’ concern about Bella? Do you think they should care so much? Leave a comment below.

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