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‘A Million Little Things’: Jon Dixon Will Appear In Remainder Of Season 2

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Just about two weeks remain until the return of A Million Little Things Season 2 on ABC. As the days wind down, more information has been revealed regarding what fans can expect from the hit drama in 2020.

The official AMLT Twitter account shared a photo of the beloved cast on set, as seen below.

As you can see, 0ne fan tweeted AMLT creator DJ Nash to confirm that Jon Dixon (played by Ron Livingston) would appear in Season 2, to which Nash responded with, “Oh yes. Oh yes!”

Jon hasn’t appeared in Season 2 yet, considering his character had already passed away during the pilot. Season 1 featured a number of flashbacks with Jon, allowing viewers to learn more about him and his impact on his family and friends. As Season 2 progresses, we can only guess what capacity Jon’s character will be used. Here’s a couple ideas.

Will Jon guide Delilah?

Season 2’s mid-season finale left us on a startling note. Sophie went into full retaliation mode after learning that her guitar mentor and family friend, Eddie, was the father of her baby sister, Charlie. We know that A Million Little Things Season 2’s mid-season premiere will pick up a few months after the news, but it doesn’t sound like things will be getting any easier.

As Delilah struggles to raise her resistant kids, she is going to need help coping with everything going on. Perhaps Jon’s appearance is like that of Denny Duquette in the early days of Grey’s Anatomy. Jon may serve as Delilah’s ghostly shoulder to cry on by offering words of encouragement or maybe even forgiveness. If that is the case, let’s just hope it doesn’t take too weird of a turn.

More flashbacks in A Million Little Things?

Obviously Jon’s role could once again be in the form of more flashbacks. We still don’t know everything about Jon or the friend group’s past. More flashbacks could reveal game-changing information about Jon or someone else. Season 1 led us to believe Jon may have been having an affair, but as it turned out, Barbara Morgan was just a person from Jon’s past.

While I would like to think Jon wasn’t seeing someone else while he was married, there’s always a chance that could come back around to be the case. We also know that Jon and Gary were close. But what if there’s another secret that Gary has kept to himself all this time? What if that’s the real reason why Gary gets arrested in the midseason premiere?

Be sure to check out the promo below for Season 2, Episode 10, entitled “The Kiss.”

At this point, it is unknown when exactly Jon will pop up again, but we can only hope it’s for a positive reason and not to cause more questions.

A Million Little Things returns on Jan. 23rd at 10pm ET on ABC.

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