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Jade Roper Tolbert Gives Positive Update On Brooks Amid Fantasy Football Win Controversy

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Jade Roper Tolbert has had a few crazy days lately. First, fans heard she won a million dollars in Fantasy Football. But then, some controversy arose over collusion allegations with her husband, Tanner. However, she took the time to take to her Instagram to talk about her son Brooks. Previously desperately worried and consumed with guilt about his weight gain, she now gave an update on that.

Jade Roper Tolbert posts about Brooks’ weight gain

TV Shows Ace reported in mid-December, that Jade felt very guilty and worried as her son Brooks was falling behind on his weight gain. In a very long post, she described how he sat only in the “5th percentile” at four-months-old. Horrified, she explained she had no idea her son literally wasn’t getting the “food and nutrition” that he needed. She said that she felt like a terrible “failure” as a mom. Well, several fans who were moms themselves, told her to ease back on the guilt as he’d make it back.

Jade’s now thrilled as it looks like those predictions came true. Taking to her Instagram on Monday, Jade shared the good news. Once more, her long post detailed how she coped, and how Brooks is doing now. She wrote in part, “This morning he had a weight check up at the pediatrician’s office.” Then she added, “I am SOO GLAD to say today he was back in the 20th percentile!! Yay, Brooksy Boy!”

What caused Brooks to fall below par weight gain?

Jade then retold the story of why she felt so concerned, elaborating more about his feeding. It turned out she had a “foremilk/hindmilk imbalance.” When a fan asked how she could tell, Jade explained the symptoms. But she said it’s also quite confusing, as they sometimes also present with allergies.

Jade Roper’s reply read, “when I would pump and leave a bottle in the fridge, the milk would separate and the fatty hindmilk was alwaaaaaays so thin. Plus, he had foamy green poops which is an indication of it, but also an indication of allergies. Ahhhhh. Why is it all so complicated? Lol” Anyway, all seems fine now, and fans hope that little Brooks grows from strength to strength going forward.

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I promised I would give an update on Brooks’s weight gain, so here it is! This morning he had a weight check up at the pediatrician’s office. Last check up he was in the 5th percentile and trending in a downwards curve after his other checkups were in the 50th, then the 30th and then the 20th. Well, after putting in some serious hard work, upping his feedings and supplementing with hypoallergenic formula along with breast milk, I am SOO GLAD to say today he was back in the 20th percentile!! Yay, Brooksy Boy! And, I know these percentiles aren’t what really matter, but the decline of his weight gain is what concerned me the most. We all just want the best for our babies, right!? I had no idea I apparently wasn’t making enough milk (although I knew I had a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance), and it was so heartbreaking for me to wonder if he was hungry all the time. I never thought my feeding journey with my second baby would involve formula, but I am so thankful for it. We are still continuing breastfeeding as well though, because my mama heart can’t quite let go of it, yet. But, I’m just so thankful for options, because I love my little guy so dang much and would exhaust every option to make sure he feels secure and loved and cared for. Lastly, please enjoy this sweet pic of Brooks at the peds office, cuz those eyes are dreamy. 😍

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The controversy over a million-dollar fantasy football win

Fans on Jade Roper’s Instagram seem genuinely interested in sharing both her and their own experiences with feeding their babies. And, maybe as most of them are just young moms who focus on their kids, no trolling went her way. That’s different from Twitter where plenty of allegations floating around that she and Tanner cheated to win a million dollars.

People reported on Monday, that reports came out she won the money “in a DraftKings fantasy contest for the NFL’s wild-card round.” So many people accused her of colluding with Tanner, that “a spokesperson for DraftKings said they were “looking into” the situation.”

What do you think about Jade Roper giving fans good feedback about her son Brooks despite controversy raging over her apparent one million dollar fantasy football win? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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