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’90 Day Fiance’: Laura Jallali Gives 2019 The Finger As Fans React To Her Ugly Christmas Surprise For Evelin

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90 Day Fiance fans heard that Evelin Villegas and Laura are in the middle of a major feud.

Ahead of Christmas, Evelin spoke to blogger John Yates in a live interview. She revealed a number of problems she’s experiencing with Laura in Ecuador. After that, Laura responded, saying she would reveal how “evil” Evelin is and tell her own “truth.”

On Christmas Day she came with a horrible surprise, accusing Evelin of cheating on Corey. Now, she gave 2019 the finger, as fans respond to her allegations. Is she winning any friends?

90 Day Fiance: The feud between Laura and Evelin, backstory in summary

The backstory to Laura and her bad year eludes some fans of the TLC show. So, TV Shows Ace produced a reminder article on the events that led up to this mess. If you need to, you can read that article to fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Suffice to say, things came out when Evelin did a live interview with John and spilled that Laura has become a problem. Evelin maintained that after giving Laura refuge in Ecuador, she turned on Evelin.

Some info that came out got covered by Monsters and Critics. They noted that Laura never got paid after she revealed her split from Aladin, claimed pregnancy and other things. Plus, she said that Laura tried breaking up her and Corey, and is not in an affair with Raul.

Evelin also said that the 90 Day Fiance‘s relationship with Tony of @thechanteltea’s also a lie. In response, Laura vowed to show the world how “evil” Evelin is. She did that on Christmas Day and posted some pics of Evelin with a guy called Rickie.

Laura’s Christmas Day surprise not winning her too many friends

Around social media, bloggers, admins, and fans comment on Laura’s Christmas slap at her fellow 90 Day Fiance castmate. On his Instagram, John Yates found an old picture of Rick that Evelin tagged as a friend. He felt it odd she would openly do that if she had an affair. But, in the spirit of fair journalism, he looked into it. According to him, the rather chaste kiss he gave her on the cheek probably went down when Corey met up with Larissa in Las Vegas.

In any event, the reveal by Laura seems not to have made her loads of fans again. On @90dayfiancenews, one fan said, “Laura needs a damn hobby 🙄 Just miserable!!” Another 90 Day Fiance follower on John Yates IG noted, “lying Laura needs much more than chastising. Her lies could really mess up people’s lives, ie: the black eye photo.” Meanwhile, on @fraudedbytlc, a fan noted, “Laura is too old to be this messy…she needs to go back to a real job so she can occupy her time.” Many similar comments came from other Instagram posts.

Laura gives 2019 the big finger

Obviously, 2019 turned into a mega-disaster for Laura. Broken up with Aladin, she carries on so-called “love affairs” with other men. She allegedly never got paid and she’s running out of money. And, she’s estranged from the only person who cared enough to give her a place of sanctuary after the 90 Day Fiance Tell All.

No wonder her post today showed her giving the world the finger. It’s also kind of sad in a way, that she used the exact same post as Tony of @thechanteltea.

90 day fiance laura

What do you think about this big feud between Laura Jallali and Evelin Villegas? Are you surprised that fans don’t flock back to Laura after her claim that Evelin’s cheating? Perhaps it’s no surprise that Laura’s giving 2019 the big finger. Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace for more news about the cast of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance.

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