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‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Whitney Way Shore’s Instagram Erupts After Body-Shamed Comment


My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore lost plenty of weight, got engaged, and thinks about wedding planning. Getting her life together’s very inspirational for her fans. But when she shared a bathtub pic on Instagram, the post erupted as both Whitney and her fans clapped back at a body-shaming troll.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life  Whitney Way Thore got engaged, plans a wedding, looking good

TV Shows Ace first reported a new man in Whitney’s life back in July. Fans who watched her progress with exercise and diet maintenance were thrilled for her. And, something came of it, as she announced her engagement to Chase Severino this month. Later we noted that Whitney hoped for a “wedding in Saint Germain, in Paris.”

In the meantime, her Instagram shows photos of her out and about, looking really good. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star candidly shows herself in the gym and it’s obvious she makes a huge effort. People would applaud her, one would think. But sadly, there’s always a number of trolls out on social media. Whitney shared a photo of her in a bathtub, and a troll body-shamed her. Fans erupted, and Whitney slapped them down.

Bathtub pic shows Whitney looking supple

Can you put your leg up in the air and grab the arch of your foot? Not everyone can, but Whitney managed it. Playfully, she shared a pic of her in the tub doing just that. Now, you can’t see any personal bits of her as she’s posed in a way that retains her modesty. Whitney captioned it with, “The old scrub + stretch 🦵🏻🛁.”But a troll, notably with one post and zero followers dished her a body-shaming comment.

The troll said to the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star, “Why would you take a picture like this? Attention seeking. Jesus. Sad.” It’s interesting that a troll spoke of “attention-seeking.” After all, the NCBI notes a study done on trolling specifically mentions attention-conflict seeking, low self-confidence, viciousness, [and/or] uneducated” people. Well, after accusing Whitney of seeking attention, the troll got hundreds of people’s attention.

Fans erupt, Whitney slaps back at body-shaming troll

Whitney’s comeback went down well with My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans. She said, “Literally everything anyone posts on the internet is…for attention. Are you confusion? 😂.” Fans responded to Whitney and one said, ” lmao you’re exactly right!!! Perfect 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼.” Meanwhile, another fan said, “@whitneywaythore 👌🏼 perfect response 😂.” Another person who appreciated Whitney’s response wrote, ‘are you confusion?'” 😂😂😂 that sent me!”

Plenty of other fans slammed the troller. “Why would you attack someone who is confident with how they look and want to share it with their fans and people who love her for how she looks? Attacking someone who is confident is sad 💯,” said one. Another noted, “like a troll’s unnecessary comment on a successful influencer’s page is not attention-seeking. Sad, indeed.”

Unfortunately, trolls do things for attention, so probably nearly 300 comments back won’t stop this one. But, Whitney Way Thore can be proud of achieving her life’s goals. One wonders how proud the troll feels. What do you think? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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