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Candace Cameron Bure Talks About The Realities Of Working In Television

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To some, Candace Cameron Bure’s life may look picture-perfect but it’s far from it. The actress had a tough time filming the fifth and final season of Fuller House. She’s also gotten candid about the realities of working on television. Candace admits that it takes a lot of magic to make her television series and Christmas movies to look that good.

Candace Cameron Bure has rightfully earned the title of the Queen of Christmas. She has starred in eight Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel. That’s not including the other twelve films she starred in. On top of that, she’s been busy filming for Fuller House. It seems that all that filming can get tiring at times.

‘Fuller House’ star reveals her all too real struggle on Instagram

According to a report via Good Housekeeping, Candace took to Instagram to announce that Netflix released the first half of season 5 of Fuller House on early Friday morning. She admitted that she “really wanted to watch it,” but she made a promise to her son, Lev Bure, that she would go to the gym with him early in the morning. If you’re a diehard fan of Fuller House, then you know that the streaming platform released part one of season 5 at 3:01 a.m. ET on Friday, Dec. 6.

Candace took to Instagram on Thursday night to share that excitement with her fans. That’s when she broke the news that she couldn’t stay to watch it with them. Candace made a commitment to her son, which means going to bed early. Her struggle is all too real for those who have to make a decision between staying up and getting rest.

Hallmark Christmas movies are harder to film than ‘Fuller House’

If you also watch the Hallmark Channel, then you’ve probably seen Candace on there as well. Aside from Fuller House, Candace spends most of her time filming for Hallmark TV movies. According to the actress, these television films are more difficult than filming the hit Netflix series. While those Hallmark movies look magical, there’s a look of work that’s involved behind the scenes.

“The reality of making them is a much tougher job than Fuller House or any other series, really,” Candace said. “This is definitely some of the hardest work that I do because they’re such a grind: long hours, quick turnaround, putting on your happy face every day, and going out there to make Christmas happen.”

During her interview with Good Housekeeping, Candace addressed the difficulties that come along with these movies. She spent most of her time filming in Vancouver, Canada for her upcoming movie, Christmas Town, as previously reported via TV Shows Ace. She said that the reason why the movies appear “sweet, romantic, and feel-good” is because of the hard work that goes into making these movies. The set smelled fishy because the snow that was used came from a local fish market.

Another reason why it smelled so fishy was because of the high temperatures. The actors have to film the Christmas movies during the summer months. Not only do they have to get into the Christmas spirit, but they also have to pretend they’re cold.

“It takes a toll on you to film in this heat,” she added. “Not only are you sweating, but you have to act like you’re cold, which takes another element of your energy to pretend that you’re shivering instead of just naturally shivering.”

Candace Cameron Bure doesn’t miss ‘talking about politics’

But there’s one thing that Candace doesn’t miss doing on television and that’s “talking about politics.” During her appearance on the Tamron Hall Show on Tuesday, Dec. 10, the 43-year-old talked about her decision to leave The View three years ago.

“I don’t miss it,” she said. “I miss the people. I’ll be honest, I’m going to hop over after the show and go say ‘hi’ because they all are friends and feel like buddies. But I don’t miss talking about politics every day. I want to stay in happy land. I want to be in a bubble where I just want to be kind and respectful and love on people.”

On Dec. 8, 2016, Candace announced that she was leaving the daytime talk show after co-hosting for two seasons. Her reason was to focus on her prior commitments to Fuller House as well as her work on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Candace doesn’t regret leaving The View since it brought her greater success. But as you can see, being a television actress isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Watch Candace Cameron Bure’s new film Christmas Town on the Hallmark Channel. And part one of Fuller House season 5 is out now. Don’t forget to check back with TV Shows Ace for more television show.

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