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Jill Duggar Finally Reveals the Real Reason Her Family Left ‘Counting On’

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There has been a lot of speculation on the reasons Jill Duggar and her husband left Counting On in 2017. Some rumors suggest Derick was fired after he tweeted some homophobic and transphobic comments to another TLC star. Derick has denied he was ever fired in a few different Twitter rants over the past couple years. Other fans thought perhaps they had a falling out with the family.

Now it seems Jill Duggar is finally letting fans know what happened when they left the show. She also addressed if they’d ever be back. Derick has confused fans in the past by saying they left because they weren’t allowed to do mission work. He’s been back and forth on some things. It’s never really been clear whether he was let go or he choose to leave, but he maintains it was their choice.

Jill Duggar Says The Reason They Left Was Simple

Recently Jill Duggar shared an Instagram post where she showed a text conversation between her and Dillard. It is discussing letting the boys watch old episodes of Counting On. In the comments of this post, a fan asked if they’d ever go back to the show. She responded that they get asked that question all the time. She said, “no plans to return to the show currently. If just all got to be too much for our little family so we decided to step away from it.” It makes sense after spending so much time on reality television, she might not want the same for her children.

Fans are still concerned they may have had a falling out with Michelle and Jim Bob at some point. Since they left the show according to The Cheat Sheet, they have been spending less time with the family. Jill doesn’t show up in the Instagram posts like she used to.

Is There Tension Between Derick And Jim Bob?

When a fan asked Derick why his father-in-law didn’t pay his children properly for the show, he said, “you’ll have to ask him that.” He certainly didn’t disagree that was the case. Fans may never get a straight answer about the relationship between the Dillards and Jill Duggar’s parents.

For the most part the Duggars keep a lot of things private. One thing is certain, fans continue to follow along with Jill Duggar and her little family no matter if they’re on the show or not.

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