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Andy Cohen Asks Kim Zolciak If She’s Pregnant On Live, Everyone Cringes

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When Kim Zolciak showed up to BravoCon she was wearing a very tight dress. She had a bit of a tummy so people immediately wanted to know if she was going to have a seventh child. They have been back and forth wondering if she edits all her Instagram photos to death. While it’s rude to ask a woman such things, according to The Blast, Andy Cohen and half of Twitter had no trouble.

At BravoCon she was on several panels including the OG panel. One of the things brought up during the panel was that she had mentioned her husband wanted another child. She had said they needed to move fast because he is seven years older than she is. This coupled with a little bump and fans lost their minds.

Fans Wanted To Know If Kim Zolciak Is Indeed Pregnant

After seeing Kim Zolciak and her belly at BravoCon fans took to the social media world to talk about it. One said, “I’ll be the a**hole that asks. Is Kim Zolciak pregnant again?” Another fan said, “Either Kim Zolciak is 4 months pregnant or she legit edits all her photos and videos on Instagram.”

Things took a turn when she went on Watch What Happens Live and Andy Cohen decided to straight up ask her if she was pregnant. She answered that she wasn’t and the crowd had a huge reaction. They yelled that she looked pregnant which couldn’t have been a comfortable experience.

Some Fans Said Quit Being Rude

Not everyone wanted to bother her about her body though. One fan said, “”Omg that audience did Kim Zolciak DIRTY! If a woman says “do I look pregnant?!” It does not matter if she looks damn 10 months pregnant you say NO.” She has a point, if it was some lady out in public they probably wouldn’t ask her. Being in the spotlight invites this kind of constant scrutiny.

Kim Zolciak did say they are filming the new season of Don’t Be Tardy and that it’s stressful. When talking to OK Magazine she said, “There’s a lot of highs and lows.” Zolciak said it’s different than any season before and a different pace.

When asked if she would come back to RHOA she was quick to respond. She said, “honey they don’t have enough money… therapist doesn’t have enough time.” She said she loves filming Don’t Be Tardy with her family. Fans can look forward to the new season.

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