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‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown Brush Delighted As Evie K Hits An Early Milestone

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Sister Wives fans heard from Maddie Brown Brush that her daughter Evie K suffers from fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly syndrome (FATCO). But that’s not stopping her little girl from hitting important milestones. Actually, Maddie seems delighted at the events of this weekend.

Sister Wives baby Evie K hits rolling-over milestone, Maddie Brown Brush is delighted

TV Shows Ace reported that Evie K was born to Maddie and Caleb in late August. That means the little girl’s less than three-months-old. And now she’s already started rolling over all by herself. As fans know, shortly after her birth, Maddie shared the news that Evie suffers from FATCO. That means she’s missing three fingers, a toe, and her fibula. She also had a bowed tibia, a shortened forearm and some fusing in her fingers. Obviously, in time to come, that needs some medical attention as she’s bound to have some mobility issues.

But for Maddie, right now, Evie K’s doing all the right things with her milestones. In fact, the newest addition to the Sister Wives family’s actually a little bit ahead. Maddie shared how she managed to roll over all by herself for the first time. According to What To Expect, a baby usually manages to roll over after about four months. They explain that this is because by then, the little one developed the upper body strength to manage the maneuver. So, naturally, Maddie’s delighted and she shared it on Instagram.

Maddie shares Evie K’s milestone in a video

On her Instagram, Maddie shared a short clip of her daughter’s achievement. Obviously, she did it more than once, as Maddie managed to film it. In fact, Maddie shared her baby rolling from her back onto her tummy. And, the website mentioned above actually notes that sometimes it can take a baby “up to six months” to achieve that. It seems that tummy to back is a much easier maneuver.

Maddie captioned her video with, “There it is! She’s rolling! I need her to stop growing asap πŸ˜…πŸ˜­ Miss Evie K is letting nothing hold her back! πŸ₯°” Fans of Sister Wives shared in her happiness. One noted, “Good job pretty girl πŸ’– nothing in this world will hold you back because you are a part of a wonderful, loving family who will never let you give up! She’s gorgeous πŸ’–.” Others noted how soon she managed to it.

What do you think about Evie K hitting her new milestone at such a young age? Are you thrilled for Maddie that her little girl looks like she’s very determined to take on the world? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about the cast of TLC’s Sister Wives.

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