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‘Bachelorette’ Tyler Cameron Is On The Market And Looking For Love

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Watch out ladies, Tyler Cameron, former Bachelorette star, has revealed to Instagram that he is looking for love. Will he end up back with Hannah Brown?

Tyler Cameron hunts for post ‘Bachelorette’ love

It all started with a Q&A on Instagram. According to Showbiz CheatSheet, Tyler admitted he may be looking for love. Apparently, a fan asked him and his answer was pretty straight forward. He responded saying: “Of course, can’t wait to have that person you tell the good news to first. For now it’s mama and Harley [his dog],” he wrote.

That means if you are looking to date Tyler Cameron, now is your chance. That’s not to say he won’t get in a relationship with a supermodel anytime soon. After all, he and Gigi Hadid did just break up.

What else did he talk about?

Tyler’s Insta Q&A was overall, pretty interesting. One fan asked him how he was handling being in the media’s spotlight. This has heightened not only because he was on The Bachelorette, but because of his relationship with Gigi as well as his chance at becoming The Bachelor.

Tyler explained that at times it can be difficult. He has to always make himself happy because any decision you make will be everywhere. He goes on to explain he is just trying to make everyone proud.

“It can be challenging but you have to make yourself happy first and foremost. You have to sleep with your decisions. No one else. I am doing my best to make my family proud, my friends proud, and everyone of y’all that support me proud. This life is uncharted waters for me and my family but with my values and beliefs, I know I’ll be alright,”

One of the more comical things that was asked what was his favorite body part is on himself. Apparently he has a long, finger-like toe, that he can pick things up with and pinch people with. We will be staying away from Tyler’s toe…

“My long a*s toe. Can pick up anything with that finger looking thing. Can also pinch very hard with it,” he admitted.

Are you excited to hear that Tyler Cameron is single? Who do you want to see him end up with? Let us know your thoughts on the whole thing below. Be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for news on all of your favorite television stars.

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