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‘Shameless’ Spoilers: Did Debbie Blow All The Money?

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 Warning: This article contains Shameless Season 10 Premiere spoilers.

Shameless has finally returned to our screens for another glorious season. The Season 10 Premiere airs tonight only on Showtime. However, if you are like us at TV Shows Ace, you know you can tune into the episodes early. As we previously reported, Showtime likes to drop new episodes into their library just after midnight on the day they air. So, a lot of die hard Shameless fans stayed up till midnight last night to tune into the premiere.

As those who watched Season 9 of Shameless know, Fiona Gallagher (Emmy Rossum) moved away from her family. She, however, left $50,000 behind for them to take care of themselves. She opted to leave the money with Debbie Gallagher (Emma Kenney) believing this was what would be best for the family.

Those who watched the various Season 10 trailers and teasers floating around YouTube and Instagram may have watched a clip of Debbie walking around a room filled with new clothing and other items. This scene made a lot of viewers’ hearts sink. Did Fiona make a mistake in trusting the money to Debbie? Did Debbie blow the money?

The scene featuring Debbie that put viewers on edge was explained during the Shameless Season 10 Premiere.

Turns out, Debbie did spend a substantial amount of money filling a storage unit full of brand new items. The unit contained an assortment of clothing. It contained fancy perfumes. She also had shoes, purses, and even undergarments. There is no telling how much of the money Fiona left went into the contents of the storage unit.

Whether Debbie actually did blow the money is debatable as she also had a very detailed chart up on the wall. The chart documented when each item was purchased, how long she could have it, how many times she could wear/use it, and when it had to be returned. She knew details right down to how many sprays she could use on a perfume bottle before it could not be returned.

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So, for the immediate Shameless future at least, Debbie seemed to have things under control. However, as long term fans of the show know, things never work out right for the beloved Gallaghers. So, viewers can only hope nothing bad happens to the storage unit full of goodies.

What if a member of the family finds out Debbie spent a lot of the money?

Moreover, what is going to happen if someone in her family finds out about that storage locker? After all, Debbie has not been the easiest person to live with regarding rules and finances. For starters, she doesn’t allow anyone to eat for free and requires all of the older members of the family to pitch in for rent and bills.

While it certainly doesn’t look good, only time will tell if Debbie actually blew all that money or if her refund plan will work out as we wait for additional Shameless episodes.


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