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‘OutDaughtered’: Danielle Busby Admits She Sometimes Forgets Gratitude

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OutDaughtered fans quite often see Danielle Busby looking really grumpy on the TLC show. Mostly it seems directed at her husband Adam. TV Shows Ace reported that “many fans grow sick of it. But often, Danielle shares about unity in their marriage, something often lacking after TLC’s editing.” Now Danielle gets candid about how she sometimes forgets how important gratitude is.

OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby shares about grumpiness

Whether all of Danielle’s grumpiness could be blamed on TLC editing or not, is not clear. But, it looks like at least some of it is for real. And, it bugs her that sometimes she forgets gratitude. Danielle posted about it on the It’s A Buzz World blog this weekend. Danielle wrote, “Sometimes I can’t put my finger on the exact cause.” As she rightly points out, “when we don’t appreciate the good things, we focus on the bad.” All to often people find themselves caught up in bad things.

As the OutDaughtered mom notes, other things contribute to us feeling grumpy. For her, she thinks of, “a mix of rollercoaster hormones, a messy house, a long to-do list, and plain ole’ exhaustion.” Nobody’s perfect, and it’s not that easy being upbeat all the time. Realistically, most fans know that’s impossible. Especially as Danielle juggles five quints, big sister Blayke, Beaux the dog, TV crews, online businesses, and Adam. So, while she may have good reasons to feel grumpy, at least Danielle thinks about it.

Danielle feels grumpiness comes as she forgets gratitude

Danielle noted, “I think the only cure for this is gratitude.” It turns what we have, into enough. Most of us agree with the idea that everything good comes from God. But do our words and attitudes agree with it? Watching the TV show, fans know it’s obvious that Danielle’s attitude could use some work from time to time. And, it’s not just Danielle. Every human being gets grumpy now and then. And, it’s probably because it’s just hard to look for positives when we’re tired and feeling down.

However, Danielle suggests a way we can turn the grump cat out of the house. She wrote, “Contentment is the beginning (and crucial!)  to having a grateful perspective. A grateful perspective realizes that God gives us all the good we have, gives him praise for it, and then believe His goodness is enough…it’s an attitude of gratitude 😉.” Danielle doesn’t want an ungrateful heart and vowed that she wants to try and keep a thankful place inside her all year round.

How to keep a grateful heart

As many OutDaughtered fans know, Danielle’s a Christian. She often turns to the bible for inspiration to cope with her daily life. This weekend, she shared a verse about keeping a grateful heart. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength, ” she noted. Then Danielle explained, “This verse tells me my outlook on life not only impacts my mind, it also impacts my body. By choosing gratitude, I allow God to fill me with healing and strength.”

So it looks like stopping the grumpiness and being grateful begins with actually stopping and thinking about what we are doing when we react. Hopefully, it helps her cope a bit better. What do you think? How do you cope with those times when you feel cross and grumpy? Do you have a secret way of finding the positives? Sound out your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more inspirational ideas from Danielle Busby and TLC’s OutDaughtered. 

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