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‘RHOC’ Drama Stays Hot As Emily Simpson Says Tamra Judge Blocked Her On Twitter

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According to Reality Blurb Emily Simpson is into it with Tamra Judge on Twitter. The social media platform is a hot spot for Real Housewives to fight. This time it all came from an episode of RHOC that just premiered.
Emily Simpson went to Tamra and her husband Eddie Judge to seek fitness advice. The two own CUT Fitness, so they would be her most logical choice. The couple weighed Emily to get an idea and said she was, “obese.” Fans were quick to defend her saying she certainly was not obese.

So Why Did Emily Simpson And Tamra Judge Start A Twitter War?

Tamra went to the internet to say Emily Simpson was playing the victim. She stated all they did was try to help her and she badmouthed them. Emily said she did not and the argument escalated. Of course, this is not their first argument. Emily Simpson found out Tamra called her Shrek at a dinner with other wives.

Initially, Emily Simpson said all she did was tweet thank you to a fan who said she wasn’t obese. On Twitter, she said to Judge, “if you want to read more into it, that’s on you.” A fan account had tweeted that Tamra was making it hard for people to like her. They said they felt like she looked for an excuse to hate Emily and it was presented to her.

The fan account said there are people who always need drama in their lives and Tamra is one. Emily Simpson posted that to her story with her response that she simply said thank you when someone said she wasn’t obese. Tamra had tweeted earlier, “you are unbelievable. We tried to help you and I’ve seen multiple tweets of yours that are not nice. No one made you get on the scale!” Judge went on to say she loved to play the victim and it was getting old.

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Thank you to all of you for your encouraging words and support! This summer I contacted @paulinastein and asked if she would train me. I told her I was at my highest weight ever, my body fat percentage was higher than it had ever been and it would be difficult for me to work out like I used to because I was in so much pain from severe arthritis. My mobility was severely compromised due to the cartilage in my left hip basically deteriorating away. I could barely move without wincing. But I decided to get mobile regardless of how slow I moved or how little I could endure. . She modified workouts for me and met me at 6:15am three times a week in the cold and darkness to train me. She pushed, encouraged, and was never late and never cancelled on me. Today I weigh much less and my total inches lost overall is around 13 inches. My clothes are fitting again and I feel stronger and healthier. I still have a long way to go but I’m heading in the right direction. . My hip replacement surgery is coming up soon and my goal is to get in the best shape of my life once I recover fully! . If you need a kick in the pants, or don’t know how to start or where to begin, My trainer @paulinastein recently launched her new “Sexy Legs and Booty Gains Ebook”! Her leg and booty workouts can be done at home or the gym, and will work for you even if you’re a beginner or a pro athlete! My legs and booty have transformed due to these workouts! Trust me, the burn is real! . Her ebook is only $29.95! Go to her website at www.paulinafitness.com to purchase and use discount code “Emily10” for 10% off!  Join me on this 30 day challenge to transforming our legs and booty! Perfect time to start just before the holidays! Who’s with me?! 💪💪 we can do this together! . #rhoc #workout #fit #fitness #health #arthritis #youcandoit #womeninspiringwomen

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The Reason The Reality Star Struggles With Exercise

On her story, Emily Simpson said she’s working with a new trainer. The trainer has helped with a modified workout because she has arthritis and hip issues. She’s going to have a hip replacement and her goal after is to get into the best shape she’s ever been.
Emily said, “it would be difficult for me to work out like I used to because I was in so much pain from severe arthritis.” She said her mobility was compromised because the cartilage in her left hip deteriorated.

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