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‘OutDaughtered’ Premiere Disappoints Many Fans – Danielle’s Has 8 Kids To Look After

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OutDaughtered premiered tonight for Season 6. Super excited, fans looked forward to the return of the TLC show. But, it left many fans disappointed. In fact, they feel now, that thanks to Adam’s actions, she’s got more like eight kids to look after, instead of just the quints and Blayke Louise.

OutDaughtered fans disappointed with Adam Busby in the premiere

Fans really looked forward to the premiere of the TLC show. It sounded very cute, especially the bit about the birthday. We reported about that ahead of the show. We noted the emphasis on the fun side of it. “The premiere for the new season brings us the birthdays for the girls. And, the girls are full of energy, so Danielle Busby calls it a “fournado” year. The quints turn four years old, while Blayke turns eight.” They all went off to play some mini-golf. But in the show itself, we saw the tension between Adam and Danielle rear up again.

Last season, some fans complained about the bickering between the couple. Back then, fans felt it was getting way too much like Little People, Big World. On that show, the last season disappointed because of all the tension between Amy and Matt Roloff. Not to mention, there was tension with Zach and Tori. So, this time, fans wanted more of the kids and less of Adam and Danielle grousing about the OutDaughtered dad’s job. But, this season’s premiere brought a similar reaction from fans, and they grew annoyed with Adam Busby.

Danielle’s got 8 kids to look after some fans think, as Adam gets bossy again

Once more, we saw the tension between Danielle and Adam, and fans grow uncomfortable with that. On Twitter, more than a few people expressed their disappointment. Many criticisms came over the dog, Beaux, that Adam decided he would get the kids for a present. Danielle pretty much outright said, ‘hey no way’ to the idea. But, he went off and got it anyway. Here are some of the OutDaughtered fans’ takes on it:

  • “I started watching #OutDAUGHTERED because I thought the quints were hilarious. Now I’m all worked up because Adam continues to leave Danielle out of big decisions that impact the family. I mean …”
  • “Adam Buzzkill. Me me me. My job…my decision on getting a dog… I get to name the dog. Oh, my wife wants to do something for herself….let me rain on her parade. Good grief! Need more screen time for Danielle, Dale and Kiki to bring the fun back to the show.”
  • “@AdamBuzz was so intolerable to watch from start to finish tonight with how rude and disrespectful he was to Danielle. We couldn’t watch it in one sitting. It was totally unacceptable and at one point bordered on verbal abuse in the preview for the season.”

Other fans hated that once again, the show portrayed Danielle as a quite sulky and moaning woman over the never-ending job-in-Dallas saga.

What did you think of the premiere of the show? Were you disappointed with all the tension between Danielle and Adam Busby? Did it annoy you that Adam seemingly focuses only on his viewpoint? Were you one of the fans who feel like Danielle’s actually got ‘8 kids’ to look after – the quints, Blayke, Adam, and the puppy? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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