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Todd Chrisley Shuts Down IG Troll: ‘No Knowledge Of Our Personal Lives’

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As his 1.9 million followers know, Todd Chrisley isn’t afraid of Instagram trolls. Any time a troll stumbles upon one of his Instagram posts, he’s always quick to fire back with a humorous amount of wit.

The Chrisley Knows Best star took to Instagram roughly 24 hours ago to wish his daughter Savannah a happy National Daughter’s Day.

He followed the sweet tribute just an hour later by also posting a tribute to his sweet granddaughter, Chloe.

“And then there’s this little beauty , Happy Daughters day my sweet Chloe,” he penned in the caption of the post.

Fans of Todd Chrisley responded well to the adorable tribute.

For the most part, Todd’s tribute to his granddaughter was well-received. It accumulated over 45,000 likes. And, just shy of 1,000 comments poured in.

Many obsessed over how adorable Chloe look as she beamed with joy while sitting with her grandfather. Notably, Todd looked equally happy as he held his granddaughter and smiled for the camera.

Unfortunately for Todd, one of his followers wasn’t too happy with the tribute to Chloe. In fact, the individual criticized what type of damage the tribute might be doing to his son, Kyle.

“That might hurt your Sons feelings and I know it’s not intentional ..just bc he prolly has a lot of guilt and I know you guys are rebuilding your relationship,” the concerned individual commented.

Liked over 11 times, the comment quickly made its way to the top of the comment section. Unsurprisingly, 45 individuals responded to the comment. Sharing their thoughts on whether the tribute would hurt Kyle.

Notably, the very first response to the IG troll was none other than Todd himself. With his usual silver tongue that his fans have grown to love, he was quick to shut down the individual. Like always, however, he managed to shut the troll down in a polite and friendly manner.

“My son and I are good , but thanks for your advice , I will file it with all the other comments that have no knowledge of our personal lives,” Todd Chrisley fired back.

Unsurprisingly, Todd’s response was well-received. With just shy of 500 likes, many responded to it with joyful emojis. Thrilled to see him put another IG troll in their place.

In fact, here are some of the more notable reactions to Todd’s response:

  • “I just love your sense of humour.”
  • “Being a Christian doesn’t mean you can’t have witty comebacks nor does it mean anyone is perfect.”
  • “Your level of professional sarcasm is unmatched….and I love it!!”
  • “I’m with you! No one knows their business. Todd and Julie are raising her, so more power to them. God Bless them, is all I can say. I love his sense of humor as well.”

For the most part, the majority of the Todd’s fans seemed to agree with his response. Moreover, they agreed the troll shouldn’t have said anything at all. Some even condemned the troll on trying to take away from the sweet tribute.

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