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’90 Day Fiance’: Nicole Shares About Azan’s Love Growing Stronger Amidst Secret Wife Rumors

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? brings Nicole and Azan. We first saw them in Season 4 and nothing happened, In fact, she and Azan bounce back time after time and the status quo remains unchanged. TV Shows Ace noted that “Azan found loads of reasons not to marry her.” Recent rumors surround them splitting. Plus, other rumors circle the Internet that he’s actually got a secret wife. Yet, amidst all of this, on Sunday morning, Nicole shared about how their love’s growing stronger.

90 Day Fiance fans grow irritated with Azan and Nicole’s story – fans believe they’ll never marry

So many people hate on Nicole because she still hopes so fervently that something goes right and she can marry her love. But for fans who have watched through the years, it’s an old story and seems unrequited. In fact, to them, it seems like Azan makes every excuse under the sun not to marry her. After all, they saw his body language and facial expressions on the 90 Day Fiance show. In the latest season, he looked and sounded alarmed. That came when Nicole called him up to say she’d booked tickets for Morocco.

Actually, she used some of the refund on the canceled ticket for their Grenada trip to pay for it. After he let down on that for unspecified “family reasons,” even supportive fans suspected Nicole was being played for the cash she sends him. Her mom also looks increasingly suspicious at these cancellations. Rumors arose that he probably dates other women like Nicole and gets them to send him money as well. Now, a new rumor suggests that Azan’s already secretly married.

Rumors say Azan’s got a secret wife, but Nicole’s unmoved

Rumors of a split arose after Azan found yet another excuse to cancel the trip to Grenada. Poor Nicole, fans thought, as they literally cringed for her as happiness turned to dismay yet again. It’s not so much that critics hate Nicole of 90 Day Fiance. That’s too strong a word for people who grow concerned for her. They call her ‘delusional’ because they think she must be a bit out of her mind. After all, how many dead-ends and disappointments must she go through? How can she insist her daughter May calls him daddy when the chances of marriage seem so slim?

90 Day Fiance followers don’t always hate on people. However, their criticism’s often quite open and to the point. That’s the life of a reality TV star. But, while she’s a nice enough girl, her insistence he loves her seems way too heartbreaking. Now, with rumors of a secret wife, fans speculate if there’s not some fire to the smoke. The Hollywood Gossip ran a story about the secret wife. They noted, “Host Shaun Robinson even asked Azan about the Grenada no-show incident during the recent 90 Day Fiance Tell-All special. Azan did not tell all. He simply doubled down on the secrecy, saying it was private, and he couldn’t talk about it.”

Nicole shares on Azan’s love growing stronger – Internet followers believe he has a pregnant wife

The tea spilled about Azan not only having a wife, but her being preggos hit the Internet via people who allegedly know his family. While not confirmable, his dodgy behavior has everyone convinced of it. Everyone, that is, except for ‘90 Year Fiance,’ Nicole. On her Instagram, Nicole’s latest post still shows her unswerving belief they have a great relationship and a rosy future. She captioned a photo of her, May and Azan.

In the caption, she wrote, “love nights like this♥️. Soon it will be four years and it’s crazy how much we’ve been through. Ups and downs, rumors, tears, fights, love, connection, faith, Love. We’ve been through it all. All the time we are getting stronger as a couple and understanding more of each other. Our Journey is longer [than] others but that doesn’t make it less true to each other. Just means we get stronger along the way. One day we’ll never have to leave each other’s side and it will be amazing. Until then I’ll continue to support you as you support me. I love you @justazan ♥️.”

Many fans believe she’s plain and simply losing it. While she seems a nice enough young woman, they fervently hope she wakes up and gets out of it. Mind you, the show brings in an income. Perhaps the idea of stretching this out for more years is financially appealing. The trouble is, fans grow weary of their story.

What do you think? Do you believe for one minute that Nicole and Azan’s love’s growing stronger? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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