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‘Love After Lockup’ Spoilers: Lacey Love Triangle – Slaps John’s Face, Kicks Him To The Curb

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Love After Lockup spoilers deal with Lacey, the female sort of version of Life After Lockup’s Michael, Sarah, and Megan. In Lacy’s life, we see her main man, John. She slaps him hard in the face. But there’s another man in her life and she may kick John to the curb for him.

Love After Lockup spoilers about Lacey’s love triangle

This article contains major spoilers, so please stop reading here if you prefer not to know. As the new season goes by, it certainly looks like the tension builds with Lacey and John. The previews stand out with Lacey, as we see her slap John hard in the face. Later, we see her on the video phone to John who’s inside the lockup. Recall that later, we see Lacey all excited as a man runs towards her. Well, that man is Shane.

Shane? Yes, it looks like Lacey juggles two men at once. She’s out of jail, they both sit inside. But Shane gets out, and we see him with that huge tattoo on his chest. Lacey and Shane get into some serious PDA on the beach. Over on Twitter, fans of Love After Lockup tagged Lacey as the male version of Michael in Life After Lockup. He juggled Sarah and Megan in his love triangle.

The storyline of John, Shane and Lacey grows interesting

Love After Lockup fans can expect an interesting storyline. While we’re not sure just how far the season takes it, Starcom notes that Shane and Lacey got married. Over on his Facebook, Shane’s not afraid to let it be known that he and Lacey married. Plus, they now own a new home. Mind you, Lacey won’t say where the new home is. After all, they both found a public face on WEtv.

According to a report from Starcasm, it looks like most of this story will keep fans guessing about who Lacey chooses. Over on her Twitter, Lacey shares little about her life with John or Shane. In fact, many of her posts just urge people to watch the show. Or, they just show her looking very beautiful. She’s pretty, certainly, and carries off the model look very well. But it’s her big secret that she’s keeping from her dad that looks like an issue. And, we think we know what that secret is.

Lacey kicks John to the curb – marries Shane

According to the digging around that Starcasm did, “The couple officially tied the knot in a beach wedding ceremony held on July 20.”  It looks like Lacey’s very much in love with Shane, so we can only wait to find out what happens to John in future episodes on the Love After Lockup show.

What do you think about Lacey and her love triangle? Are you surprised to see that she slapped John in the face and it looks like she kicked him to the curb? Sound off your thoughts in the comment below.

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