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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Paige McGee Explains Facebook Presence, Says ‘Sorry’

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Seeking Sister Wife fans know that Bernie McGee died suddenly from a heart attack following heatstroke. Surprised by Paige continuing on Facebook, some fans of the TLC show felt that she should get off social media and focus on grieving. Now, Paige went to her Facebook and explained why she’s still present on Facebook. Plus, she said “sorry” for some of her bad reactions.

Seeking Sister Wife mom, Paige McGee’s concerned for her sons

When Bernie McGee died, Paige lashed out her brother Patrick Marble. TV Shows Ace reported on it, noting “Paige and Bernie were actually arrested because of charges that Patrick put against them.” According to Paige, the stress of an impending court case caused Bernie’s death. That might sound harsh, but bear in mind, Paige was distraught and probably still in shock at the time.

However, it seems not only Patrick got a blasting from Paige as she took to FB again. This time, she said she’s concerned for her sons. In a recent post, she explained, “My older 3 sons are on FB and they have friends in these groups.” Paige is talking about how some people continue to say horrid things about Bernie across the Seeking Sister Wife groups. Actually, most of them toned it down a lot, respecting that Bernie died. However, it looks like some people persist. Obviously, Paige is concerned about “hate” they see about their dad.

Paige says ‘sorry’ if she reacted badly to some followers

Paige, as Seeking Sister Wife fans are aware, doesn’t hold back her feelings when she’s attacked on social media. She often upsets people as she reacts aggressively on occasion. Now, it looks like she’s hit back at some people who posted things her sons could read. She said, “They get sent screenshots so they get hurt.” Paige adds, “then they come show me. It’s a cycle.” Hurt and angry, Paige then lashes back on her Facebook.

Paige apologized for that. In fact, she wrote, “I see some really mean and hateful comments. I have been angry and lashed out at some people.” However, she also notes, “I am sorry for my responses to some. I really am.” She adds, “I just want to defend my husband and his name and stick up for my kids.” That’s very sad to hear because even the savage groups on social media try and keep the kids out of it.

Explaining her Facebook presence

Paige elaborated on why she stays active on Facebook at a time when friends and fans of the show think she should rather be grieving. As Paige explains it, she “[loves] FB” as “it’s kind of like a scrapbook for me right now.” That’s because it’s “like a diary. So many people posting kind things about Bernie. Pictures of him and us.” She adds that “Old friends” reach out, “telling their Bernie stories.”

Seeking Sister Wife: Paige McGee
Image credit – Screenshot Paige McGee | Facebook

Plus, she mentioned “new friends.” These could be fans of the Seeking Sister Wife show who loved her from the beginning. These friends “want to know more about him.” Then, Paige said, “It’s the best I have right now to keep him with me.”

What do you think about people posting nasty and hurtful comments about Bernie McGee after he passed away? Do you understand why Paige remains on facebook? Do think she needs to say ‘sorry’ to haters? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back with TV Shows Ace often for more news about Seeking Sister Wife.

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  1. All I know I’m going really miss bend over Bernie jokes. Betting how long it will take before she’s spending 6 months for violating her own RO. This woman needs to seriously get help, BOB isn’t here to defend her crazy antics and the kids probably scared of her. But, the good thing since she wanna be a sister wife, she’s available. I’m sure there’s some Hebrew Christian poly families out there. Just enjoying this train wreck unfold with her, she does keep me laughing.

    1. See – that’s EXACTLY the kind of cruel and unnecessary comments that are uncalled for. This woman just lost her husband of 18 years – what the hell is WRONG with you? Is it funny if OTHER people lose a loved one, but different if it’s YOUR family member or something? No one says you have to like her. But there are traits called “compassion” and “emapthy” which seem totally lacking in your being. Your mother totally failed in raising you to be a decent human being. Sad.

    2. yawn.. don’t you ever get tired of flapping your lying mouth Patrick? You are the joke, a 48 year old car salesman living with mommy, two ex-wives that hate you and two sons who could care less about you, I think you are jealous, Paige is a lot of things but her kids love her unlike yours so who’s the loser? Go get a tinder date and leave her alone before you wind up in jail again.

    3. This is Paige’s brother Patrick Marble trying to hide behind a fake name and circumvent the restraining order.

    4. Another ‘hater’ of Paige 👆🏼 Why don’t you take your sorry a$$ off FB and these tv show news posts. Or even have one ounce of humanity, that would go a long way. Have some respect! The man hasn’t even been gone a week! Treat others as YOU wish to be treated.

  2. Everybody needs to remember she has lost somebody !!!!!!!!
    She has ever right to be angry she has lost the life and security and future she once had , if everything changed in your life in a split second can you honestly say you’d be skipping with Joy ? Leave the woman and her kids alone to come to terms with her loss …… and let’s pray the haters and judgemental people out there never experience what she is at the moment …… walk a day in somebody else’s shoes maybe you’ll appreciate your life and family more !

  3. I’m still wondering if he really passed the way she’ to busy on fb has she even planned a funeral. son is at hospital after hubby died and shes on fb in court texting on fb I DON”T KNOW I WONDER

    1. Are you writing in English? A little suggestion take a remedial English class and stop trying to insult people until you get better at it.

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