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‘Garage Sale Mystery’ Star Speaks Out, But No News On Unaired Episode

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Garage Sale Mystery has been canceled after the Lori Loughlin college admission scandal. Fans are mourning the loss of their favorite show. This includes one of Lori’s costars, Eva Bourne, who played her daughter. What does she have to say and what do we know about the episode, Garage Sale Mystery: Search & Seized, that was completed weeks before Lori Loughlin’s firing?

Eva Borne Says Goodbye To Fans, Cast And Crew

Garage Sale Mystery star Eva Bourne went to Instagram to thank fans, cast and crew for “six solid years.” She portrayed Hannah Shannon, daughter to Jennifer Shannon, who of course, was played by Lori Loughlin. Eva wanted to thank her “little family” that was the Garage Sale Mystery family. She seems almost wistful as she closed her piece with “Until our paths cross again.”

“I’m still not quite sure what to say, but I do know that I want to thank our fans. Your unwavering and loyal support was what made this show so successful and kept the show running strong for six solid years. ✨✨✨I would like to thank our brilliant, hard-working, kind, hilarious crew and cast. We created our own little family over those six years and that’s what makes this all the more devastating. I will miss the comfort and ease of our days, the tears that came from laughter, and the loving support that came like a reflex when someone needed a shoulder. Wishing you all the best on your next endeavours. Until our paths cross again ✨✨✨”

Worked On Both WCTH And Garage Sale Mysteries Together

Eva and Lori had another connection, this time on When Calls The Heart. Eva plays Clara Stanton on the show. Lori and played Abigail Stanton, Clara’s mother-in-law. Clara was Peter Stanton’s widow. The two obviously worked closely together. Based on her admission that she is not even sure “what to say,” she is still careful not to mention Lori or any of her own feelings about this difficult and surprising ending to this show. Nobody wanted it to end as it did.

Sarah Strange who played Dani, Jen’s business partner, co-owner of Rags to Riches, also had thanked fans and crew, without mentioning Lori Loughlin. She admitted she was “bereft” at the thought that the show that she loved was now canceled. Until her post, fans were still holding out hope that the show would survive like When Calls The Heart. Sadly, it was not.

Will Garage Sale Mystery: Searched & Seized Ever Air On Hallmark?

When Lori Loughlin was indicted in the college admissions scandal, she was in the midst of filming Garage Sale Mystery: Three Little Murders. The show was canceled before that particular episode was completed. Unbeknownst to most fans,  Garage Sale Mystery: Search & Seized wrapped.

Producer and screenwriter Kraig Wenman had penned a thank you to Garage Sale Mysteries fans and even thanked Lori Loughlin for the “opportunity” to write for the talented actress.

According to the response to that tweet by actor/writer/director Jean Morel, who asked about the completion of Search & Seized, and that Three Little Murders only had one week left of shooting. Morel asked that the work should not “go to waste.” Next, Morel also shared that both should see “the light of day at some point.” Kraig responded with “You are correct.”

What will Hallmark do with the completed episode? Normally in August, Hallmark has Garage Sale Mysteries month. Usually Hallmark airs four episodes, one per week. Could fans possibly pressure Hallmark to air the completed Search & Seized episode? Perhaps even convince them to edit and complete Three Little Murders?

What do you think Hallmark should do about Garage Sale Mystery: Search & Seized? Do you think that they should complete the filming of Three Little Murders? What are your feelings about the show cancelation? Would you have been fine if they replaced Lori Loughlin with another actress, like Daphne Zunuga, who has been on several recent Hallmark movies? Please share your opinions and thoughts in the comment fields below.

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  1. I think they should air the completed Garage Sale Mysteries & finish The Three Little Murders filming & editing it. The other actors & actresses shouldn’t be punished. A new actress could replace Lori on the Garage Sale Mysteries. The series Wind at my Back replaced Honey & she worked out perfectly. They need to resemble them pretty close though.

  2. I would love to see them continue the Garage Sale Mysteries! It’s obvious that Lori Loughlin is out, but I would be happy seeing her part recast. The whole show was fun to watch with all the cast. Several groups on Facebook are hoping as well.

    Here is a petition started to support continuing the show with a recast.


    1. I think they should recast the part of Jennifer and continue with the show, as it is a lighthearted fun mystery series and the other cast members, crew and us fans shouldn’t loose out just because of the actions of one person.

  3. Please continue , its a great show and why should everyone lose their job because of this. Replace her with Bonnie Hunt she would be good

  4. I think the fans are adults aware of the scandal and can separate real life from fiction. If the show is complete, air it.

  5. I feel that Hallmark acted too quickly and should have not canceled the show. It is not fair for so many people to be out of jobs because of one person’s actions. I think they should have visited with the producers and given this some time.

  6. I, too, hope that if Hallmark isn’t comfortable with airing the completed episodes that they will be made available some other way. I feel so badly for the rest of the cast and crew. I think they could pull off recasting the roll. I would watch.

  7. I hope Hallmark with air the finished GSM and then, in time, replace LL. GSM was one show my husband would watch with me. The entire cast and crew (plus fans) should not suffer for LL’s misdeeds.

  8. How about Brook Shields or Lacy Chabert as a replacement or many of the other fine actresses used over and over in the Xmas movies?? Would be nice to see it continue!!

  9. I hope that at least the 2019 movie “GSM Search and Seize” would air since it’s already done. I would love to see the “ThreeLittleMurders” if at all possible. Hubby watches those movies with me as well.

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