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Kody Brown Likens Janelle & Christine To Princesses With Ultimatums

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It’s Janelle vs. Christine when Kody Brown calls two of his Sister Wives ‘princesses with ultimatums.’ What are their demands? Keep reading for all the details.

Christine Brown admits her marriage is ‘sad’

The problems in the plural family continue from Season 15 into Season 16. Christine Brown still wants the family to move back to Utah, but the other wives want to stay in Arizona.

'Sister Wives' Brown family via YouTube
‘Sister Wives’ Brown family via YouTube

As we know now, Kody’s third wife ultimately chose to move back to Utah with or without the rest of the plural family. A few weeks before the new season premiere, Christine confirmed that she was dumping Kody Brown.

In a previously released trailer, she lets loose, calling her marriage “sad.”

Kody Brown wants to move to Utah but decides to stay in Arizona

It turns out that Christine isn’t the only one who wants to move back to Utah. A new trailer released by TLC on Twitter shows Kody confess to Janelle that he also wants to return to Utah.

However, he feels that he can’t decide for everyone else. Instead, he’s going from wife to wife to gauge their “temperature,” as Janelle calls it.

In a confessional, she wonders if he’s simply trying to make Christine feel heard by pretending to consider moving to Utah or if he’s serious.

While Kody isn’t against moving to Utah, Janelle is dead set against it. “There’s nothing for me there,” she tells him. She does express sympathy for Christine’s desire to move back to Utah.

Janelle and Christine called ‘princesses’ after giving husband conflicting ultimatums

Earlier in the clip, Kody reveals this isn’t the first time one of his wives has threatened to leave him. In fact, he says it’s been a common occurrence throughout the marriages from three of his wives. While he doesn’t name names, he’s likely referring to Christine, Janelle, and Meri.

As the clip fades to the show logo, he calls Janelle and Christine two princesses giving him ultimatums. The Sister Wives patriarch wrongly thinks that Christine is bluffing about leaving him. How wrong he was! 

Fans are wondering which other wife might be leaving Kody Brown during Season 16. Many people thought Meri would be the first to leave the plural family.

Do you think Janelle, Meri, or Robyn also left Kody Brown? What do you think about him calling out Christine’s ultimatum? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Tune in to TLC on Sunday, November 21, for the explosive Sister Wives Season 16 premiere.

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