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Duggar Family Hiding Special Needs And Sexual Orientation?

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The Duggar family has put their lives on display for fans and critics for years. They have had several TLC shows, including 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On. The shows have featured many intimate moments, from births to weddings. Fans even watched the family discuss Josh Duggar’s previous scandals.

However, there are plenty of moments that aren’t on their shows and that they keep out of the public eye. While the family has their fair share of scandals, mostly having to do with Josh, they try to keep things positive.

So, naturally, some parts of their lives are a secret. Now, fans are curious about what the family could be keeping behind closed doors. What might the family be hiding?

Michelle Duggar, Duggar family Instagram
Duggar family Instagram

Duggar family keeping secrets?

In a new confession to Duggar Bates Confessions, a fan noticed that no one in either of the two families is known to have special needs.

One fan points out, “A lot of fundies don’t believe in any of those disorders that can’t be ‘seen’. It I had to guess, there are a few kids with special needs. It just hasn’t been acknowledged or addressed.”

Someone else writes, “The chances of having autism or Down syndrome increase with the age of the mother. I’m surprised they do not have it due to the advanced maternal age of Kelly Jo and Michelle when they had some of their children.”

Another thinks it has to do with the Duggars and Bates’ education. Both families homeschool their kids. In a public school, there are more opportunities for testing and diagnoses. One user writes, “I don’t think it’s that none of their kids are, it’s that they are undiagnosed. Most issues tend to pop up in school (at least for us), and that leads to a discussion and diagnosis.”

Someone else adds to the conversation, writing, “Same thing for sexual orientation. In 20 kids in each family, there just has to be someone gay or anything else.”

Duggar Bates Confessions
Duggar Bates Confessions

There’s no way to know for sure unless the families share this information. But fans agree that it looks like they are hiding it from the public.

So, do you think the Duggar family could be hiding information about special needs or sexual orientation? Do you think they would ever talk about these things? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. What about Josie? JB & M never followed up on her care. After she left the hospital, they never followed thru with neurology or therapy. She is far behind kids her age both mentally and physically. She also has seizures, which could be treated with medication. Michelle called her seizures a “little glitch”. Take that child to a neurologist and have that treated. She could get hurt beyong repair having a grand mal seizure. That poor child will grow up never knowing that there was help out there for her. She is brainwashed to put a smile on her face and accept things the way they are. That is child abuse/neglect to never get her the help she needed.

    1. Did they say that? Do you have confirmation of them never following up? Thats crazy if that’s true. I agree: child abuse/neglect.

      1. I’ve been around both families. Jeb has extreme anger issues and ADHD. Addallee has pretty severe hearing loss (they have been open about that). Tyler has emotional issues. Lawson is ADHD, as is Carlin. Jana is anti social, as is Jim Bob.

    2. I’m from a VERY large family and we went to public school and not a single one of us have special needs nor are any.of us anything but heterosexual. Large family does not automatically equal problems!!!!!

      1. Agreed. Just because you have a large family or children later in life doesn’t automatically equate to an increased chance of disability. It may if you do IVF or other unconventional methods. And even if they have disabilities is that your business??no it is just mean spirited people who don’t value family or life. Each one of the seem to being functioning well in their own way on their own time line.

  2. Josh is a pederast and kinda dopey.. that’s gotta be at least a little special needs…? I think their whole family is a little special needs,minimum very gullible.

  3. So… Josh’s sexual addictions aren’t enough sexual divergence? I think he pretty much has that category covered. Why are we hoping there’s more to be found?

  4. I just don’t think it’s relevant. I had a daughter diagnosed social and speech delayed, but due to an anomaly Early Intervention would not help her. At first I really wanted a diagnosis, just to throw in peoples’ faces (“she can’t help it, she has autism!”), but I had a conversation with my mother where she asked if there was a cure. I said no. Then she pointed out that a diagnosis wasn’t going to change who she was. And it completely changed my perspective. From then on, I stopped trying to “fix” her. I just accepted her and learned to meet her where she was at, and in time she came to meet me as well. She’s now thriving. You would never know.

    Often times, public schools diagnose kids because they want the kids to fit the curriculum, teaching style, and standardized tests. When you homeschool, you can focus on schooling to your child, not modifying your child for school.

  5. This is just some stupid “whatabouitisims” every child born to older women don’t end up with special needs or handicaps. Women have had children since the beginning of time clear up to their 50s who were healthy.Now all of a sudden in the last century all kids born to older ppl are slow in some compacity ? Like those type of kids aren’t born to young women, josh’s parents were young when he was born and look how much of a weirdo pervert he turned out to be . Also just bc its on trend to be gay doesn’t mean everyone is

  6. Who says they can’t all be healthy? Meanwhile, let’s go back to the first person who felt they deserved to know private medical information about the Duggars – how many of her children have special needs? Tit for tat, you yenta.

  7. I always thought about that too? Its so hard to believe that not one of them are gay? How does that even happen? Out of 20 kids at least 2 are gay and then you’ll have an ADD kid, a deaf kid sometimes. But Josh is the black sheep alrught!? How in the hell did that happen?

    1. It’s no one’s business. I for one think this isn’t something anyone outside the family needs to know .

  8. Maybe they’re not labeling their kids as ‘normal’ and not normal. In a society that spent the last few years sending out the message, “Don’t label me “, why are we always being pushed to put our children in boxes. Obviously there is no one with a huge disability in those families, so the homeschooling mom’s have done a much better job at mainstreaming differences than the public schools do💜

  9. I think it’s time you quit your day job.
    It’s long past time the internet pays any attention to them. The sooner people stop talking about them the soon er people forget about them and happier will all be.

  10. I think that if a person doesn’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all. People should clean their own step, before talking about others. None of us are PERFECT! Just saying

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