Could Josh & Anna Duggar’s Shocking Baby Name Be A Bizarre PR Stunt?

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Josh and Anna Duggar’s baby name and details have gone public, leaving fans and critics baffled. Could it all be one bizarre PR stunt to help amid Josh’s child pornography scandal? Read on to get all of the details and see what fans and critics think.

Josh & Anna Duggar’s baby name is revealed.

As we’ve reported, Anna finally introduced the newest member of the Duggar family! Fans knew she was due in the fall, and she looked very pregnant last time she was seen at her husband’s motion hearing. However, amid his scandal, she’s been laying low. So, fans didn’t know whether she had given birth.

Anna Duggar Instagram (anna duggar baby)
Anna Duggar Instagram

Surprisingly, for the first time since April, Anna posted on Instagram on Tuesday. She revealed that the baby arrived on October 23. She also shared the baby’s name – Madyson Lily Duggar.

This name has taken fans and critics by surprise. Longtime Duggar family followers may recall one of Josh’s previous scandals. He was using a website called Ashley Madison to seek extramarital affairs and had a paid account. Though Josh and Anna have used all “M” names for their children so far, no one was ever expecting them to use the name Madison (or Madyson).

Anna Duggar Instagram

Now, critics are discussing the possibility that there’s a good reason for the couple to have chosen this name.

Could there be another reason for the couple choosing this name?

On Reddit, Duggar family critics are talking about Josh and Anna’s bizarre baby name choice. Some have begun to speculate that this could all be a PR stunt. One writes, “I’m pretty sure Madyson’s name was chosen to use SEO as a reputation management tool to push down the Ashley Madison scandal in search results.”

They continue, “My working theory is they named the baby to SEO hack the Ashley Madison scandal, until proven otherwise.”

Other users have a similar idea and think that the Duggars could be using the name Madyson to bring more news about the Ashley Madison scandal to the surface. They wonder if Josh cheating “looks better” than him downloading child pornography.

One Duggar Snark says, “I don’t think it’s about pushing DOWN the Ashley Madison scandal. I think it’s about pushing it UP. They want us to be thinking about Josh the Cheater and not thinking about Josh the Pedo.”

Fans and critics agree that there are plenty of other “M” names they could have used before Madyson. But the couple clearly thought Madyson was the right choice in this situation, for one reason or another. There’s no way to know for sure why Josh and Anna selected this name, and it doesn’t seem likely that they’d publicly admit it if it was a PR stunt.

So, do you think that this could explain why Josh and Anna Duggar used the name Madyson for their baby? Or do you think they simply liked the name and were ready to move past the scandal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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