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‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Celebrate Third Wedding Anniversaries

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Love Is Blind kept most of us company during the early days of quarantine. Now, two couples are happily celebrating their wedding anniversaries three years later.

After a lot of uncertainty and drama, two couples on the show’s first season said “I do.” Let’s check and see how they’re doing after all this time.

Love Is Blind stars Amber and Barnett are still having goofy outings together

Amber Pike showed her love for her husband Matt Barnett with a cute Instagram video documenting their time together, set to a version of “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

“Late post : because obviously things never happened unless the internet knows about it…” Amber wrote. “But seriously, Happy Anniversary to my Love @barnettisblind . This third year was definitely charmed, and judging by the pics I’d say we’ve got this kissing thing down pat! If it’s cool with you though I’d like to keep practicing 😘”

If you follow Amber and Barnett on Instagram, you can see the two have quite a bit of fun together. They frequently dress up in silly costumes and go on outings together.

Amber Pike/Instagram

It really seems that the Love Is Blind stars are still going strong after all this time. During the reunion special, the two steered clear of Jessica Batten, not wishing to get involved in any more drama. However, Jessica Batten has since moved on and is recently engaged.

And Cameron and Lauren are still going strong as well

And of course, Love Is Blind fan favorites Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton are still happily in love too.

“Happy birthday to my best friend!” Cameron posted on Instagram. “Thank you for marrying me on your birthday three years ago. As someone once said, ‘I am your gift’ 😂 But it was really like my birthday because I’ve found happiness with you that I never had before. I love you and the person you are🌻”

Cameron Hamilton/Instagram

Out of all the couples that walked down the aisle on Love Is Blind, these two couples are the only ones who actually made it. Damian Powers and Giannina Giabelli didn’t get married, but they continued dating after the show ended. After some really explosive drama on the reunion special, they ended their relationship.

And of course, Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas parted ways after she left him at the altar. As we said above, Jessica is recently engaged and is very excited to become a stepmom to her fiance’s two children.

As for Mark, he’s really enjoying fatherhood. He chose to skip the reunion special and seemingly put Love Is Blind behind him. He and his girlfriend have a son together and are also expecting a second child in March.

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