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Bennett Jordan Details Angrily Contacting Tayshia Adams Following Elimination

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Fans saw The Bachelorette Tayshia Adams send home Bennett Jordan during his time on her season. He went home after Noah Erb and him couldn’t get along. Basically, Tayshia chose Noah over Bennett. This did not sit well with Bennett. Actually, he even went back to see her once again to ask for another chance. However, he still ended up being sent home, again. Now, Bennett is sharing more details about reaching out to her after that horrible elimination. Plus, he’s sharing if she ever responded.

Bennett Jordan details contacting Tayshia Adams following elimination

US Weekly shared what Bennett Jordan had to say about reaching out to Tayshia after he was eliminated. According to Bennett, he reached out to Tayshia right when he got his phone back. He knew she didn’t have her phone yet. However, he thought she’d eventually see the DM’s.

Bennett said, “The first time I got my phone, I DM’d Tayshia because I was beat up. I was hurt, I was confused. I was like, ‘This is bulls—t.’ I know she didn’t have her phone but she would get it eventually. And I was like, ‘This is bulls—t, I got sent home over a 25-year-old causing nonsense.'”

He went on to say he was angry, he was hurt and he did not like it. Did Tayshia ever respond to Bennett? That would be a big no. Bennett said to this day Tayshia has not even read his DM. He said, “I got no response — till this day it has not been seen! Maybe someone else runs her account, I don’t know, but I have not gotten anything from Tayshia. Not a damn thing!”

Does Bennett talk to Zac Clark?

Bennett said he has not had contact with Tayshia since her season. However, he does keep in touch with her final rose winner, Zac Clark. Bennett said he loves Zac. He said, “After I left, I saw the most heartfelt, beautiful proposal. Zac’s proposal, like, I almost cried. I was literally like, ‘Oh, my God.’ It was unbelievable and since then, Zac and I have been in touch. We ran into each other. We’ve been in touch on social media, we’ve been in touch over text.”

Bennett has since moved on from Tayshia, of course. He is in a new relationship and appears very happy and in love. He also admitted he can’t wait to get married and have kids.

Bennett said, “I cannot wait. I don’t want a puppy, I want kids. I’m 37. I feel like Emily is so emotionally sound, so thoughtful, such a caretaker, such a lover and she’ll be an incredible mother so that’s the next step for me.” He also shared that there is a nine-year age gap between them.

What do you think about Bennett reaching out to Tayshia? What about his new love?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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